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Heritage Auctions' $1.45 Billion 2022 Set Dozens of Auction Records and Redefined the Collectibles World [Video]

The collector-focused house sold the world's most valuable sports collectible, comic-book page and concert poster – and that was just the beginning


CoinTelevision Video of the Week: New FUN Board Members

The FUN organization has two bright and vibrant personalities in its ranks.


CDN Changes Digital Access Format -- Active Print Subscribers Now Have Access to Digital Media [Podcast]

As part of our ongoing improvements to our platform, we have made a fundamental change to access of our digital media.

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US Mint Releases Statement on the Shortage of Circulating Coins [video]

Simply put, there is an adequate amount of coins in the economy, but the slowed pace of circulation has meant that sufficient quantities of coins are sometimes not readily available where needed.


NGC Certifies Bag of First Day of Issue 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollars for Rare Collectibles TV [Video]

According to NGC Chairman, Mark Salzberg, ""In my 40 years as a professional numismatist, I have had the opportunity to examine several sealed bags of 1964 cents and nickels, but I had never seen a bag of 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars before this one. This bag is truly a miracle of survival.""


CDN Publishing Subscribers Enjoy A Wealth Of Benefits [Video]

Do you know what a subscription to the CDN Publishing family of pricing resources provides you? Well, if you don't then it's time for a refresher course on the wealth of benefits you'll enjoy when you become a subscriber.


New Coin and Currency Pricing in Greysheet & Greensheet [Video]

At CDN Publishing, our goal is to bring as much pricing data to users as possible. Since January, we've added more than 40,000 prices across a wide range of coins and currency. And we on the pricing and editorial team can't be more excited to offer this information — much of it never available before — to our growing audience.


Breaking Down The Historic Joel Anderson Paper Currency Auction [Video]

Patrick Ian Perez discusses the fourth and final installment of the amazing Joel Anderson paper money collection which will be sold at Stack's Bowers Galleries.


What Coin Prices Are The Most Challenging To Gather & Report? [Video]

At CDN Publishing, we get a lot of coin dealers and collectors who wonder what coins are the most difficult to price. The truth is, every series has its individual nuances and challenges. There's certainly no series that is ""easy"" to price. But most challenging?


Classic Coins Or Modern Coins? Which Are Better? [Podcast]

Are classic coins somehow more relevant than modern issues? The CDN editorial team debates the issue.


1943 Bronze Cent Drives Collectors Wild [Video]

If there's a numismatic story that just about everyone loves to hear about, it's anything having to do with the 1943 bronze cent, or as some call it the 1943 copper penny.


ICTA Chairman John Brush Talks About The Wayfair Decision [Video]

ICTA and the numismatic industry is grappling with a set of new tax-collecting regulations that have spun off from the landmark Wayfair Vs. South Dakota United States Supreme Court ruling last summer.


""Daredevil Investor"" James Passin Shares Inside Tips On Investing In Precious Metals & Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin

Dubbed a ""daredevil investor"" by The New York Times, Passin had the foresight to invest in Bitcoin back when each unit could be bought for a song, and he sold his massive holdings when the popular cryptocurrency reached its peak.


Father-Daughter Coin Dealers In Florida Spread Love Of Numismatics To The Next Generation [Video]

John and Alexandrea Zieman aren't your typical coin dealers. This dynamic father-daughter duo are an unusual pairing in the male-dominated coin business.


Anthony Swiatek On Commemorative Coins & The Marketplace Today [Video]

Swiatek is one of those coin dealers who has seen it all. He remembers the hobby's incredible growth in the 1960s, the bullion boom-bust cycle of the late '70s and early '80s, the rise of certified coinage in the late '80s, and finally he's making sense of the anything-goes situation we find ourselves in today with an ever-evolving digital economy.


Coin Dealers Helping Others

The holidays are a time when people seem to give a little more.


NEW VIDEO: ""What's Greysheet,"" You Ask? We Bid The Answer!

As our company grows and we begin offering more pricing, market analyses, and other essential information to coin dealers — as well as coin collectors and the entire numismatic community — we want to take a moment to help everyone better understand what our flagship publication, Greysheet, is and does.


Holiday Coin Gift Ideas & Numismatic Wishlists | Both Sides of the Coin Podcast, Holidays 2018

The CDN editors discuss holiday gift-giving ideas for the coin collector in your life.


Dealer Larry Shepherd Shares Why He Loves Coin Collecting

Larry Shepherd has been in the hobby for more than five decades, yet he still counts many reasons why the hobby is as fresh and exciting to him as it was 30 or 40 years ago.


Nova Constellatio Video Turning Heads, Creating New Numismatic Star?

After years of research, numismatic scholars have concluded that the 1783-dated Nova Constellation Plain Obverse Quint pattern is the first coin struck under the authority of the United States government.


Charmy Harker Talks About Pretty Pennies [Video]

Famously known as ""The Penny Lady,"" she may deal in small change but her business is anything but small.


A Conversation With ANA President Gary Adkins [Video]

While his job as head of the world's biggest coin club doesn't pause on weekends and holidays, Gary does get outside of the ANA office in Colorado Springs from time to time.


New Jersey Coin Dealer Michael Rullo Discusses Marketplace For Budget Coins [Video]

CDN had the opportunity to speak with coin dealer Michael Rullo from Palmyra, New Jersey, at the ANA World's Fair of Money coin show in Philadelphia back in August.


Scott Travers Talks Rare Coins & Real Deals [Video]

The noted coin expert and numismatic author sat down with CDN Publisher, John Feigenbaum, at the ANA World's Fair of Money in Philadelphia, where the two had a spirited conversation.


Expert Analysis On CDN Interview With Jim Halperin Of Heritage Auctions [Video]

CDN Publisher John Feigenbaum recently interviewed Jim Halperin, founder and co-chairman Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas.


CDN Saturday morning video podcast kickoff with John & Patrick

We're starting a new series of podcasts here at Coin Dealer Newsletter. This year we will post new podcasts once or twice a month hosted by John Feigenbaum and Patrick Ian Perez, with special guests.


FUN 2018 Tampa Coin Convention Commercial

View the commercial video prepared for the 2018 FUN show in Tampa, Florida.


John Feigenbaum Discusses the Coin Market, New Publication at CDN

CDN Publisher, John Feigenbaum, attended the Whitman Expo in Baltimore on November 9, 2017 to keep track of the coin market and talk to collectors and dealers.


John Feigenbaum Presents at Raleigh Club Show [Video]

In his first public presentation as publisher, John Feigenbaum of CDN Publishing, speaks to attendees at the regional coin show in Raleigh, NC in June 2016.


CDN Launches New Video Blog Series

We have launched a new video blog series at CDN Publishing. We plan to post short videos on a frequent basis, perhaps daily, as time permits. This will be a great way f

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