Editor's Message: CPG Market Review Spring 2024

The U.S. coin market is in a correction phase, but not severely so.

by Patrick Ian Perez | Published on March 29, 2024

As I mentioned in my last Editor’s message, towards the end of last year CDN Publishing acquired and subsequently merged with Whitman Publishing and their associated brands. At that time, we were still in the process of naming the new entity and trying to wrap our collective heads around the scope of the project. After careful deliberation and consideration, we landed on Whitman Brands. While there was an initial thought to create an innovative new brand name, it was recognized that the historic Whitman name had significant value. Thus, Whitman Brands was born. In the ensuing months, the personnel of the combined companies have been meeting with and learning about each other, in order to build a well-oiled numismatic publishing and data machine. From a personal standpoint, it has been invigorating to meet and work with new team members. I can feel that everyone has a singular focus to provide our hobby with resources to greatly enhance the collecting experience, and there has been much work done to this end.

Some of the earliest-ripening fruits of this labor will be both a refresh of long-appreciated titles and brand-new books for numismatists to enjoy. The team has been hard at work on the Sixth Edition of The Cherrypicker’s Guide, Volume 3. For those who may not be familiar, The Cherrypicker’s Guide is a reference book of United States coin varieties that have proven to be among the most popular, most widely collected, and most valuable. The third volume (of three) covers half dollar coins up through silver dollars, classic gold, modern Silver Eagles, and even U.S.-Philippines coinage. The sixth edition will feature all new updated coin values that are generated directly from our extensive pricing database. This will further represent a unification of pricing across multiple platforms. Consistent pricing across multiple sources is a key component for an efficient marketplace. While on the subject of pricing, this CPG® issue has extensive updates.

The U.S. coin market is in a correction phase, but not severely so. Collectors are highly encouraged to take advantage of the latest pricing information both here and in our online resources—the Greysheet website and mobile app—before making buying or selling decisions. Pricing is moving quickly in this environment and the latest information is hugely beneficial.

Another exciting in release is authored by the writer of this issue’s featured article. The book by author Michael Moran will be a comprehensive look at the history of United States coinage and the politics behind them. Each of the coin types so familiar to collectors today have a fascinating and oftentimes complex story behind their design and creation. As an example, in these pages you can read a first-hand account of what it takes to get a commemorative coin program through the legislative process. Many collectors may not be familiar with our government’s requirements on how the Mint receives authorization to create various coinage. The roots of this process go back to the earliest days of our nation, to the establishment of the Mint in 1792. Perhaps the most popular and well-received U.S. commemorative coins over the past decade-plus, the 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars almost didn’t happen. It is a fast-paced account, but it also highlights that U.S. citizens can still make an impact and work with elected representatives to reach a common goal. This is certainly encouraging!


Patrick Ian Perez, 


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Author: Patrick Ian Perez

Patrick Ian Perez image Patrick Ian Perez began as a full time numismatist in June of 2008. For six years he owned and operated a retail brick and mortar coin shop in southern California. He joined the Coin Dealer Newsletter in August of 2014 and was promoted to Editor in June 2015. In addition to United States coins, his numismatic interests include world paper money, world coins with an emphasis on Mexico and Germany, and numismatic literature. Patrick has been also published in the Journal of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS).

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