Featured Greysheet Pricing for January: CANADIAN QUARTERS, Part I

In an effort to bring awareness to the vast amount of unprinted pricing we have online, every month Greysheet will include pricing for a series of coins not regularly published.

by CDN Publishing | Published on December 31, 2022

The featured pricing this month is part one of two of Canadian twenty-five cents. Colloquially referred to as quarters, this coinage was struck first in 1870. They were struck in .925 fine silver until 1919, after which the silver content was reduced to .800 fine until 1967. The early twenty-five cent pieces feature numerous key dates, including 1875-H, 1885, 1889, and 1893. All Victoria quarters are scarce above the MS64 grade level, and in the infrequent event that a Gem or Superb Gem piece is offered at auction there is no telling where the price could end up if two determined collectors compete for it.

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Pricing grid for Canadian 25-cents as published in the January 2023 Greysheet

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