Over the past two years, one of our primary goals has been to regularly expand our pricing coverage. This started by adding grades in series that were already priced, s

by CDN Publishing l Published on January 17, 2018

Over the past two years, one of our primary goals has been to regularly expand our pricing coverage. This started by adding grades in series that were already priced, such as higher grades like MS66 and MS67 and split grades such as XF45, AU58, and MS62. We then added coin series or date ranges that had never been priced by CDN, such as Colonials, certified Silver Eagles, and the Lincoln cents minted after 1930.

Complementing this expansion is the task of delivering the data to our subscribers. Being limited by the existing size and layout of the printed sheets it was important for us to develop ways that uses could easily access this new pricing. We have addressed this by creating an online price guide, easily found at, and by created a mobile app for both Android and Apple users. Both of these electronic sources contain our full gamut of pricing in all grades covered. Lastly, and perhaps most significantly, we developed a set of pricing we branded the “Collectors Price Guide,” or CPG®, values which are essentially retail prices of all of the same series and grades we cover in our wholesale sheets. The comprehensive printed version of the CPG® was just launched at the recent FUN show where we received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Speaking of the FUN show, one of the primary reasons we attend the show is so that we can hear from dealers and collectors about which areas they would like to see additional pricing where we may not have it. This valuable feedback helps us plan our pricing projects for the year, and in turn we hope that this stimulates interest in that segment, by providing reliable prices from which people can do business. We are happy to announce that three of these are already completed, and will appear periodically in the weekly Greysheet. On weeks in which we have an open full page such as this one, three new sets of Greysheet pricing will appear: America The Beautiful 5 ounce quarters, PL Morgan Dollars, and Silver Eagles. We have had multiple requests for the silver ATB prices, and they will actually appear in two places. Every week the bullion version price will be on the Greysheet cover under “Silver Coin Prices.” Please note that this price is for the most common states. The “Collectors” version, as the United States Mint terms them, will appear on the new pricing page, listed by state. Importantly, the bid prices are for coins that are in their original black box with all necessary paper work as-issued. PL Morgans have always appeared in the Bluesheet, but by providing Greysheet pricing for this subset users now have a spread from which to work. Finally, we added certified MS/PR 69/70 Silver Eagles to the Bluesheet back in April, and by having Greysheet pricing for these issues we can report the spread on these as well. We will provide as much information as possible for dealers and collectors to make their buying decisions.

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