GSA Morgan Dollar Prices Available on the Greysheet

GSA Morgan dollar prices are now available both in the print editions of Monthly Greysheet and also online on the CDN Pricing App.

by CDN Publishing l Published on October 22, 2018

GSA Morgan dollar prices are now available both in the print editions of Monthly Greysheet and also online on the CDN Pricing App. The addition of GSA Morgan dollar prices is significant because this is one of the most active segments of what is arguably the most popular US coin series. GSA Morgan dollars, or Morgan dollars that were packaged and sold by the General Services Administration (GSA) from 1972 through 1980, generally entails Carson City (“CC” mintmark) issues struck from 1878 through 1893.

Interestingly, there were a variety of other silver dollars packaged and sold through the landmark GSA dollar sales of the 1970s era, including non-CC Morgan dollars and Peace dollars. However, the majority of collector interest in GSA dollars has always centered around the 1878-CC through 1891-CC Morgan dollars distributed through the program and comprising a 10-coin basic set. These include the 1878-CC, 1879-CC, 1880-CC, 1881-CC, 1882-CC, 1883-CC, 1884-CC, 1885-CC, 1890-CC, and 1891-CC dollars. It should be noted here that 1889-CC, 1892-CC, and 1893-CC GSA dollars exist but are extremely rare. On the contrary, the most common GSA Morgan dollars are the 1882-CC, 1883-CC, and 1884-CC issues.

Historically, collectors assembled the 10 most common GSA Morgan dollars (1878-85 and 1890-91) as a set, with all coins in their original and unaltered government holders. However, in recent years Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) have offered certification and encapsulation services for GSA dollars without having to remove the coins from their original government packaging. This has created a grade-dependent segment of the GSA Morgan dollar market, and now many dealers and collectors actively trade certified GSA Morgans on the basis of grade.

Greysheet reports on the most active areas of the GSA dollar market with new prices for GSA Morgan dollars grading MS63 through MS66 as well as offering prices for ungraded coins in their original holders. We may eventually expand our GSA dollar prices as market conditions and trading activity warrants, so please stay tuned!

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