New Monthly Greysheet Replaces 7 Issues At Once!

CDN Publishing · Apr 25, 2018

Welcome to the first edition of the all-new Monthly Greysheet. In a world going headlong into digital media, the Monthly Greysheet is a throwback to the large, printed

Welcome to the first edition of the all-new Monthly Greysheet. In a world going headlong into digital media, the Monthly Greysheet is a throwback to the large, printed editions of newspapers in a bygone era.


There are numerous reasons for this change, but paramount among them is the simple need for more space in print. As you will quickly see, we’ve added pricing columns to nearly every series we report on in a font size that is actually legible! Not only that, but everything we cover is now listed in a logical order from Colonials and half cents to Pioneer gold and bullion coinage.

We’ve also merged the Bluesheet into this publication, meaning readers will — for the first time ever(!) — be able to see values for sight-unseen Morgan dollars alongside their high-end Greysheet counterparts, as well as CAC pricing. The goal is to give our readers access to maximum information to make split-second buying decisions easier than ever.


We’ve been building to this moment for the last 30 months, as we’ve added all these new prices, built digital applications, and created a much better website to support this move. There are a few downsides to this change, but the benefits far outweigh them. While this publication will now come out monthly, rather than weekly, readers will always have the complete document at hand. Also, we’ve been told that collectible coin pricing shouldn’t change weekly – that’s too often. We agree. Coin prices, like a fine wine, need time to “breathe” and settle. The biggest market traders tell us that “over-reporting” of price information can hurt their business.

Our new size does not lend itself to easy printing via PDF, and some of our digital download subscribers are frustrated by this. If this is critically important, you can invest in an inexpensive 11×17-capable printer to print the pages. Sadly, we live in a world where too many subscribers were pooling funds and sharing our PDF publication via email, or printing multiple copies in the store. This must stop. CDN cannot afford to supply the numismatic community with free content. If you are sharing or using a PDF download, you must pay for each copy you distribute to your staff or friends. Why not simply buy a second print subscription? Now that we’re monthly, it’s easier to get a copy in first-class mail!


By publishing monthly, we expect daily users to refer to our smartphone app (Apple and Google Android) for access to current pricing, which we will now update continuously, rather than on our print publication cycle. The good news… Greysheet and Bluesheet pricing are included in your paid subscription! Visit to download now.


As we embark on this exciting change, we will make continuous improvements to the layout every month. Your feedback matters to us. Please email with any suggestions on pricing or layout. Thank you for your support of CDN, and we hope you enjoy the new Monthly Greysheet!

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  • Philip Paul

    Liked the new format. Having everything merged together in one monthly edition is very helpful. Hope there will be more articles in upcoming issues about current trends of the various denominations. Enjoyed reading these articles as well as price fluctuations. Good luck with your new changes.

    Saturday, April 28, 2018 2:28 PM EST
    • John Feigenbaum

      Thank you! Yes, we are looking forward to more informative articles in the future.

      Saturday, April 28, 2018 4:48 PM EST

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