The Most Complete Greysheet Ever!

Welcome to your new Greysheet! This issue represents our biggest update since taking over in August of this year, and – sigh of relief – the last major layout change for a long time.

by CDN Publishing | Published on December 16, 2015

Welcome to your new Greysheet! This issue represents our biggest update since taking over in August of this year, and – sigh of relief – the last major layout change for a long time.

The biggest changes this week include the addition of the dated Classic commemoratives. No longer are the “sets of 3″ represented as a group because these items rarely trade as such. When they do, the grades of all three coins are seldom the same, so it’s very difficult to determine the individual values, or monitor price movements when they are lumped together. Even more interesting, many of the better date commems are extremely scarce and undervalued and we anticipate that breaking them out individually will underscore the bargains represented by these issues at current market levels. Of course, we now list prices all the way to MS67 on these so you now have the tools in your hand to master this market. It is also important to note that we have made similar improvements to the Bluesheet publication. All 144 classic commems are priced on the Bluesheet as well, and if you are making purchases in this area you need both sheets to help you define a “spread” of low to high for these issues. The rare coin market has become increasingly complex and it’s not possible for a single value to represent the price of an issue. More has been written on this topic lately and can be found at

Silver coin prices…..cover
Bullion, foreign gold & platinum….cover
U.S. Gold Type…..2
Silver Commemoratives…..2
Gold Commemoratives…..3
Peace Dollars…..3
Morgan Dollars……4
Modern American Eagles…..5
Modern Commems & Gold……5
BU Rolls….6
Modern Dollars…..6
State Quarter Rolls…..7
Proof Sets & Mint Sets……7
Type Coins (MS & Proof)…..8
Mercury Dimes…..9
Walking Liberty Halves…..9
Common Date Circ Type (Rolls)…..9
Single & Roll Sets…..9

The dealer feedback from Houston earlier this month was mixed, but generally positive. Dealers went into the show with modest expectations and found that the market was tepid but still somewhat active. I suppose this could be said for the entire fourth quarter of 2015. Starting with next week’s Greysheet, we will focus on market expectations for the January 2016 FUN Show, held this year in Tampa, Florida.

Some weeks back we were evaluating the bid prices for First spouses in MS and PR and realized that these prices had not been adjusted in quite some time. The bids were all over the place and we couldn’t find any current market activity (for loose or Mint-packaged material) to report on, so we make a decision to lower all the prices to melt and adjust based on feedback. So far, we’ve heard from several folks who think we should raise the bids on certain issues, but they won’t give us a market buy/sell. Are you a buyer? Let us know so we can adjust prices on this series or any other accordingly….At CDN, it is our role to report prices, not create them.

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