The Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter - CCDN (Bluesheet)

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The Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter "the Bluesheet" is published weekly. The CCDN reports on the current wholesale sight-unseen certified market.

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Silver Commemoratives MS61-MS62-MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67
Gold Commemoratives MS61-MS62-MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67
US Gold Type Coins MS61-MS62-MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67
GSA Dollars MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66
Morgan Dollars MS61-MS62-MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67
Peace Dollars MS61-MS62-MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67
Copper, Nickel, Silver Type Coins MS61-MS62-MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67
Proof Type Coins PR61-PR62-PR63-PR64-PR65-PR66-PR67
Mercury Dimes MS64-MS64FB-MS65-MS65FB-MS66-MS66FB-MS67-MS67FB
Buffalo Nickels MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67
Proof Gold Type Coins PR61-PR62-PR63-PR64-PR65-PR66-PR67
Walking Liberty Halves MS61-MS62-MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67
Proof Singles PR61-PR62-PR63-PR64-PR65-PR66-PR67
Proof-Like Morgan Dollars MS61-MS62-MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67
Early Gold AU58-MS61-MS62-MS63-MS64-MS65
Better Date Lincolns, Washingtons MS61-MS62-MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67
Matte Proof Lincolns, Buffalos PR61-PR62-PR63-PR64-PR65-PR66-PR67
Standing Liberty Quarters MS63-MS64-MS64FH-MS65-MS65FH-MS66-MS66FH-MS67-MS67FH
Franklin Half Dollars MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67
$20 Saint Gaudens Gold MS61-MS62-MS63-MS64-MS65-MS66-MS67

The Certified Coin Dealer newsletter (CCDN), more commonly known as the "Bluesheet", was first published in 1986 when certified coins became available. A certified coin is one that has been examined by a "third-party" grading authority and given a certificate of their opinion on its proper grading. After authentication and grading, each coin is then encapsulated in a plastic "slab" to prevent any damage to it, and to "permanently" join their certificate to the coin. Certification is somewhat controversial, due to the many different agencies certifying coins. The most popular services all use the same words and numbers to describe the coins; unfortunately, not all services use the same definitions for the same words. Consequently, Bid prices for certified coins of "identical" grade but graded by different services will vary by a wide margin.

The CCDN reports thousands of wholesale prices for coins graded by the most popular services. On a weekly basis, it covers coins graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and the Numismatic Guaranty Corp. (NGC). PCGS & NGC are the most popular services, and their standards are the most stringent in the industry.

There are two very important distinctions between the CDN "Greysheet" and the CCDn "Bluesheet". The CDN reports wholesale prices for properly-graded coins ("Raw" or "Certified"), on a sight-seen basis. The CCDn reports wholesale prices for certified coins on a sight-unseen, or lowest-common-denominator basis. The sight-unseen certified marketplace has been extremely volatile in the past, a function of the now largely-discarded belief that all rare coins could trade sight-unseen (that is, as long as PCGS or NGC said the coin was an MS63, there was no need to examine the coin before purchase; dealers today have demonstrated that they still wish to examine coins before paying their top price - although they may also be willing to make a sight-unseen Bid at a lower level). As the market for certified coins expanded, and as additional services were started, the CCDn responded to those changes; should additional services become popular with the market, they will also be included. Our goal is to provide the wholesale information that the market needs to make informed buying and selling decisions.

The Bluesheet includes Commemoratives, both Silver and Gold, in conditions of MS-61 through MS-67; Morgan Dollars from MS-61 through MS-67, including MS-63 through MS65 Deep Mirror Proof Like coins. Peace Dollars are reported in MS-61 through MS-67. Mint State and Proof Type Coin Bids are reported for 92 different series in grades of MS-61 through MS-67, and Proof-61 through Proof 67. Proof Gold Type coins are reported in grades PR-61 through PR-67, while Mint State Gold Type Coins are listed in MS-61 through MS 67.

Some of the better date coins from the modern series, usually reported as Type coins, are listed. All Buffalo Nickel Bids are reported in MS-63 through MS-67; all Mercury Dimes are priced from MS-64 through MS-67, both with Full-Bands and without (Full Bands on a Mercury Dime means that the strike is sufficiently full to discern the separation of the "bands" surrounding the Fasces on the Reverse [back] of the coin). Any of the grading guides we recommended earlier will explain this more fully. Walking Liberty Half Dollars, considered by many to be one of America's most beautiful coins, are listed for the entire series in MS-61 through MS-67. Proof Singles from 1936 to the 1950s are listed in grades from PR-61 through PR-67.