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Did you know about all 13 different Lincoln Memorial cent varieties?

Lincoln cents are arguably the most popular United States series around. They're perhaps the most widely collected American coin and countless collectors love Lincoln cents, and they're often seeking well-known rare wheat pennies such as the 1909-S VDB, 1911-S, 1914-D, 1924-D, and 1931-S.


An Interview With CAC Founder John Albanese

After as initial partner in PCGS and then founding NGC in 1987 John Albanese has had a long career as a leader in US numismatics. In 2007 he founded CAC, a company that continues to make a large impact on the market.


Jim Halperin Bids Good Fortunes For Heritage Auctions

It's hard to imagine the numismatic world without Heritage Auctions. And, yet, until only little more than a decade ago, Heritage was a growing firm that handled much volume, but had not yet dropped the hammer on a seven-figure coin. The company's colorful story goes back to 1976, when Steve Ivy transformed his Dallas coin business into a numismatic auction firm.

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Magic Beans: How Green & Gold Stickers Sprouted A New Marketplace

For more than four decades, John Albanese has been a numismatic thought leader, bringing innovation to an ages-old hobby and helping redefine how collectors and the marketplace understand the quality and condition of coins.


The Susan B. Anthony dollar turns 40

It was 40 years ago in 1979 that this small-dollar coin ushered in an era of firsts, including its arrival as the first small-size dollar coin, first circulating U.S. coin to bear the likeness of a real female.


The Kaleidoscopic Career of John Highfill

John Highfill is known as a silver dollar guru. Having founded the National Silver Dollar Round Table in 1982 and a decade later published his landmark 1,200-page tome, The Comprehensive U.S. Silver Dollar Encyclopedia (Oklahoma Coin Exchange, 1992), Highfill is indelibly linked to numismatics.


Thinking Outside The Slab

In today's world of sonically sealed plastic, it's hard for some to imagine that a great many of the big-ticket trades going down between dealers still involve ""raw"" coins. Yet, in reality, most coin dealers trade high volumes of unslabbed coins in both wholesale and retail transactions.


Collectibles Leaders Find Success Thinking Outside The Box

Coin dealers often look to others in the numismatic business to gain insight on how to expand their business, improve sales, and build a name for themselves in the marketplace. But in the ever-evolving world of retail and commerce, it often pays to look beyond the numismatic world for advice.


Unique 1959-D Lincoln Wheat Cent Will Turn Heads At Goldberg Auction

The unique 1959-D Lincoln mule cent with wheat reverse is up for bids this weekend as the Ira and Larry Goldberg Pre-Long Beach Auction.


Major Coin Shows, Auctions Heat Up In Summer 2019

With the passage of Memorial Day weekend, we officially enter the summer — even if the climatologists say it won't start until the summer solstice on June 21. And, let's face it, for most of us the weather is already heating up with summery vigor; we on the East Seaboard have already faced a slew of 90s over the long holiday weekend, and that can only mean we're gearing up for what should be a frenzied summer trading period.


$5,000 Gold in 2019? In My Dreams!

""Ka-ching! Gold going bonkers today at $5,000 per ounce…"" Those were the words I heard CNBC's Jim Cramer exclaiming on his Mad Money show, or at least that's what I recall him saying in a vivid dream I recently had. I remember looking down at my mobile phone and seeing the London Metal Exchange reporting $5,081 per ounce. I pulled up my CDN Pricing App – same thing: $5,081 per ounce.


Gotta Have These Coins Now!

These Coins Are Tempting Collectors & Investors — Here's Why!


Coin Dealers Sprinkle Thousands Of Valuable Coin Into Circulation For National Coin Week

Have you been finding some unusually old coins in circulation recently? You may have been the lucky recipient of one of the thousands of coins dropped by coin dealers around the United States as part of the Great American Coin Hunt.


13 Lincoln Memorial Cent Varieties Add Challenge, Flair To Popular Series

Lincoln cents are arguably the most popular United States series around. Josh dives into these popular varieties to explain their rarity and value.


Silver Running Up To First For Many Collectors & Investors

In the Olympics, winning a silver medal usually means coming in second behind the first-place gold medal winner. In the world of insurance, a silver plan probably covers the doctor and prescriptions you want but comes with a big ol' four-figure deductible to boot. Yet, in the numismatic world, silver doesn't play second fiddle to gold – or anything else.


I Found My First 2019 Coin -- Have You Found Yours Yet?

It's mid-March, or the third calendar month of 2019, and I finally found my first 2019 coin yesterday.


Market Review: Classic Commemoratives, Part II

Part II of a two-part analysis of classic commemorative coins, which enjoyed monumental popularity among investors in the late 1980s and were among the strongest performers of the early certified-coin bull market.


2019-W Proof Lincoln Cents Excite Collectors

The United States Mint has announced the release of a special 2019-W proof Lincoln cent to be included as a free ""premium"" coin in 2019 United States proof sets.


Market Review: Classic Commemorative Coins, Part I

Part I of a two-part analysis of classic commemorative coins, which enjoyed monumental popularity among investors in the late 1980s and were among the strongest performers of the early certified-coin bull market.


""Daredevil Investor"" James Passin Shares Inside Tips On Investing In Precious Metals & Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin

Dubbed a ""daredevil investor"" by The New York Times, Passin had the foresight to invest in Bitcoin back when each unit could be bought for a song, and he sold his massive holdings when the popular cryptocurrency reached its peak.


The FUN Coin Show In Florida Was Oodles Of... (Yes...) FUN!

The Florida United Numismatists 64th annual coin show, held in Orlando, kicked off the 2019 marketplace with a bang.


Happy Birthday! The 50 State Quarters Turn 20

Can you believe it's already been 20 years ago since the first 50 State Quarters were released? I


Holidays Bring Back Warm Numismatic Memories From Days Of Yore

There's something about this time of the year that makes me think of good days gone by. I don't know…. Maybe it's something in my hot cocoa, or perhaps it's the gatherings with friends and family, but I always get a little more nostalgic around Christmas. The holiday has been good to me in so many ways over the years, including to my efforts as a writer and coin collector.


Coin Dealers Helping Others

The holidays are a time when people seem to give a little more.


A Conversation With Paper Currency Expert Lyn Knight

Lyn Knight of Lyn Knight Auctions is one of the most well-respected paper currency experts in the industry, having handled some of the rarest and most valuable notes around. His currency auctions cover a wide variety of issues and appeal to the wide spectrum of paper currency collectors.


Draped Bust Dollars: The Series in Perspective – Part II

This article, the second in a two-part series covering Draped Bust dollars, features several issues important to those who collect, trade, and study this iconic series, including pricing and market conditions, varieties, and collecting trends.


Draped Bust Dollars: The Series in Perspective – Part I

Struck from 1794 through 1804, these so-called ""Bust"" dollars, which include the Flowing Hair and Draped Bust types, have maintained a prominent place in numismatic cabinets since at least the mid 19th century.


1982 Coinage Keeps Collectors On Their Toes

1982 was a busy year… Meanwhile, the United States Mint was transitioning into a new period that brought the first commemorative coins in nearly three decades, a revamped metal composition for the one-cent coin, and several scarce and valuable errors.


John Feigenbaum: The Bill Gates Of Coins

There are stunning similarities between computer-software-for-the-world developer Bill Gates and computer-software-for-the-numismatic-world developer John Feigenbaum. Gates pioneered computer technology in the late 1970s and early 1980s, with the launch of the first commercially successful personal computers.


3 Fast Ways To Lose Money Buying Coins

It may seem counterintuitive to some that one would specifically seek out this information, but it's also helpful to understand some of the common ways that a coin deal can financially go wrong for buyers.

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