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Million-Dollar Piece of Baltimore History Set for March Inner Harbor Auction: The Garrett 1804 Dollar is Coming Back for Auction
The famous 1804 Dollar was once owned by Garrett Family and Johns Hopkins University will be sold in conjunction with the Whitman Expo in Baltimore this March. ; Read more...
Hong Kong Coin Show Postponed Due to Coronavirus Concerns
The management of the Hong Kong Coin Show recently announced that they will postpone their March 2020 show to May 9-10 due to travel concerns related to the ongoing coronavirus. ; Read more...
SERIES ANALYSIS: The Greatest Auction of American Revolutionary War Medals -- the Adams Collection of Comitia Americana
Greg Reynolds turns his focus on Comitia Americana medals, which were awarded for heroism and strategic success in American Revolutionary War battles. The Continental Congress of the United States voted to award these medals while the war was in progress. ; Read more...

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