How much are my U.S. $10 First Spouse worth?

About $10 First Spouse

The $10 First Spouse gold coins were struck as a complementary bullion series running in concordance with the Presidential $1 coin program, which honors deceased former United States presidents in the order they served, beginning with George Washington in 2007 and ending with Ronald Reagan in 2016. The First Spouse $10 coins, issued alongside the Presidential $1 coins, feature the spouses (all women) of the presidents who are honored on the $1 coins. While the $10 First Spouse coins are highly collectible, they are essentially gold bullion coins, each containing one-half ounce of .9999-fine gold.

Some in the numismatic community are paying more attention to the $10 First Spouse coins, which were made in relatively small quantities and, for the time being, trade at levels very close to spot. Many of the later issues in uncirculated grades feature mintages of less than 2,000 pieces and could become significantly more valuable in time should interest in the $10 First Spouse series increase.


U.S. Coin Values

First Spouse [Type]

sample image for First Spouse [Type]

U.S. Coin Values

2007-W Martha Washington

Mintage: 17,661

sample image for 2007-W Martha Washington

U.S. Coin Values

2007-W Abigail Adams

Mintage: 17,142

sample image for 2007-W Abigail Adams

U.S. Coin Values

2007-W Jeffersons Liberty

Mintage: 19,823

sample image for 2007-W Jeffersons Liberty

U.S. Coin Values

2007-W Dolley Madison

Mintage: 12,340

sample image for 2007-W Dolley Madison

U.S. Coin Values

2008-W Elizabeth Monroe

Mintage: 4,462

sample image for 2008-W Elizabeth Monroe

U.S. Coin Values

2008-W Louisa Adams

Mintage: 3,885

sample image for 2008-W Louisa Adams

U.S. Coin Values

2008-W Jacksons Liberty

Mintage: 4,609

sample image for 2008-W Jacksons Liberty

U.S. Coin Values

2008-W Van Burens Liberty

Mintage: 3,826

sample image for 2008-W Van Burens Liberty

U.S. Coin Values

2009-W Anna Harrison

Mintage: 3,645

sample image for 2009-W Anna Harrison

U.S. Coin Values

2009-W Sarah Polk

Mintage: 3,489

sample image for 2009-W Sarah Polk

U.S. Coin Values

2009-W Margaret Taylor

Mintage: 3,627

sample image for 2009-W Margaret Taylor

U.S. Coin Values

2009-W Letitia Tyler

Mintage: 3,240

sample image for 2009-W Letitia Tyler

U.S. Coin Values

2009-W Julia Tyler

Mintage: 3,143

sample image for 2009-W Julia Tyler

U.S. Coin Values

2010-W Abigail Fillmore

Mintage: 3,482

sample image for 2010-W Abigail Fillmore

U.S. Coin Values

2010-W Jane Pierce

Mintage: 3,338

sample image for 2010-W Jane Pierce

U.S. Coin Values

2010-W Buchanans Liberty

Mintage: 5,162

sample image for 2010-W Buchanans Liberty

U.S. Coin Values

2010-W Mary Lincoln

Mintage: 3,695

sample image for 2010-W Mary Lincoln

U.S. Coin Values

2011-W Eliza Johnson

Mintage: 2,905

sample image for 2011-W Eliza Johnson

U.S. Coin Values

2011-W Julia Grant

Mintage: 2,892

sample image for 2011-W Julia Grant

U.S. Coin Values

2011-W Lucy Hayes

Mintage: 2,196

sample image for 2011-W Lucy Hayes

U.S. Coin Values

2011-W Lucretia Garfield

Mintage: 2,168

sample image for 2011-W Lucretia Garfield

U.S. Coin Values

2012-W Alice Paul

Mintage: 2,798

sample image for 2012-W Alice Paul

U.S. Coin Values

2012-W Frances Cleveland Term 1

Mintage: 2,454

sample image for 2012-W Frances Cleveland Term 1

U.S. Coin Values

2012-W Caroline Harrison

Mintage: 2,436

sample image for 2012-W Caroline Harrison

U.S. Coin Values

2012-W Frances Cleveland Term 2

Mintage: 2,425

sample image for 2012-W Frances Cleveland Term 2

U.S. Coin Values

2013-W Ida McKinley

Mintage: 2,008

sample image for 2013-W Ida McKinley

U.S. Coin Values

2013-W Edith Roosevelt

Mintage: 2,027

sample image for 2013-W Edith Roosevelt

U.S. Coin Values

2013-W Helen Taft

Mintage: 1,993

sample image for 2013-W Helen Taft

U.S. Coin Values

2013-W Ellen Wilson

Mintage: 1,980

sample image for 2013-W Ellen Wilson

U.S. Coin Values

2013-W Edith Wilson

Mintage: 1,974

sample image for 2013-W Edith Wilson

U.S. Coin Values

2014-W Florence Harding

Mintage: 1,944

sample image for 2014-W Florence Harding

U.S. Coin Values

2014-W Grace Coolidge

Mintage: 1,949

sample image for 2014-W Grace Coolidge

U.S. Coin Values

2014-W Lou Hoover

Mintage: 1,936

sample image for 2014-W Lou Hoover

U.S. Coin Values

2014-W Eleanor Roosevelt

Mintage: 1,886

sample image for 2014-W Eleanor Roosevelt

U.S. Coin Values

2015-W Bess Truman

Mintage: 1,946

sample image for 2015-W Bess Truman

U.S. Coin Values

2015-W Maime Eisenhower

Mintage: 2,102

sample image for 2015-W Maime Eisenhower

U.S. Coin Values

2015-W Jacqueline Kennedy

Mintage: 6,771

sample image for 2015-W Jacqueline Kennedy

U.S. Coin Values

2015-W Lady Bird Johnson

Mintage: 1,927

sample image for 2015-W Lady Bird Johnson

U.S. Coin Values

2016-W Patricia Nixon

Mintage: 1,839

sample image for 2016-W Patricia Nixon

U.S. Coin Values

2016-W Betty Ford

Mintage: 1,824

sample image for 2016-W Betty Ford

U.S. Coin Values

2016-W Nancy Reagan

Mintage: 2,009

sample image for 2016-W Nancy Reagan

U.S. Coin Values

2020-W Barbara Bush

Mintage: 2,000

sample image for 2020-W Barbara Bush

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