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Series Overview: Franklin Halves (Proof)

Proof versions of the Franklin half dollar were made for most of the duration of the series, which spanned from 1948 through 1963. The first proof Franklin half dollar appeared during the third year of the series in 1950, when the United States Mint relaunched production of proof coinage after a wartime hiatus that began in 1943. Generally speaking proof Franklin half dollars are not rare, though the earlier issues were made in smaller numbers than those made during latter years and are therefore more challenging to locate and thus more expensive.

Proof Franklin half dollars minted in the early 1950s, when mintage figures were in the lower five digits, are significantly scarcer than those made a decade later, when proof mintages reached past the million mark. As a rule, deep-mirrored specimens with cameo effects are much rarer than proof Franklin half dollars without frosted devices. Thus, all cameo and deep cameo proof Franklin half dollars are worth much more than ?typical? proofs.

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