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Series Overview: Nickels - Uncirculated

Uncirculated rolls of nickels contain 40 individual coins of the same date and mintmark wrapped into one roll. An uncirculated roll may be either an original bank-wrapped roll or an aftermarket (or “put-together”) roll of coins. The main requirement in either case, of course, is that all of the coins must grade at least MS60, and all coins in the roll need to be of the same date and mintmark.

Buying rolls of coins has its advantages. Rolls often prove fertile searching grounds for collectors who want to hunt for valuable errors and varieties. Also, some rolls contain at least one or two particularly high-end specimens that may be worth submitting for grading from a major third-party coin certification firm. However, typical uncirculated rolls contain specimens ranging from MS60 to about MS63. From the standpoint of practicality, rolls are generally most useful to dealers who wish to buy examples of a single date-and-mintmark combination to parcel out as singles or for building multiple sets.