Gold: 1898.58
Silver: 24.51
Platinum: 902.25
Palladium: 2337.50
How much are my U.S. ATB 5 Oz. Silver (Bullion) worth?

About ATB 5 Oz. Silver (Bullion)

The America The Beautiful (ATB) quarter series that launched in 2010 for mainstream circulation inspired the release of a complementary bullion program featuring 5-ounce silver coins bearing identical designs to those seen on the quarters. The 5-ounce silver coins come in two variants, including a collector version struck in an uncirculated or burnished finish bearing a "P" mintmark from the Philadelphia Mint and a business-strike version targeted to precious metals investors.

The "investor" versions of the ATB 5-ounce coins are generally traded for a relatively small premium over spot and are thus the primary reason these coins are actively traded by precious metals investors. While these coins are primarily sought by investors, they have performed remarkably well in the collector market as well, with many numismatists pursuing the business-strike examples for sets.

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