How much are my U.S. Bulk Coinage (Bags) worth?

About Bulk Coinage (Bags)

Bullion coinage often refers to any low-grade, common-date 35% silver, 40% silver, 80% silver (Canadian) or 90% coins that are sold in bulk for the sole purpose of trading them as commodities. Such coins, also referred to as junk silver, are popular in the bullion arena because while they can be bought and sold at prices right around melt. They carry the added advantage of being low-denomination pieces that, in a natural disaster or financial emergency, can be traded for goods and services. Older silver issues are also sought by numismatists for cherrypicking opportunities or to be used in building circulated sets. Thus, bullion coinage such as pre-1965 junk silver is highly liquid in various types of marketplaces. Typical quantities for bullion coinage sold in this fashion are rolls (40 nickels, 50 dimes, 40 quarters, 20 half dollars, etc.) or bags of various face value amounts ranging from $10 to $100 or more.

U.S. Coin Values

U.S. 40% Bag

sample image for U.S. 40% Bag

U.S. Coin Values

Wartime 5c Bag

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