How much are my U.S. Eisenhower Dollars (Proof) worth?

About Eisenhower Dollars (Proof)

Proof Eisenhower dollars were minted from 1971 through 1978, which is the duration of the series. While all regular-issue Eisenhower dollars were made with copper-nickel clad, in 1971 and 1972, all proofs were struck as 40% silver numismatic specimens that were sold individually in brown-colored boxes. In 1973, the United States Mint began packaging copper-nickel versions of the coin in standard annual proof sets, though continued offering 40% silver proofs on an individual basis.

In 1975 and 1976, the United States Mint honored the nation?s 200th birthday with special bicentennial Eisenhower dollars featuring a dual-dated 1776-1976 feature on the obverse and a special reverse design showing the Liberty Bell superimposed on the moon. There are two basic varieties known among 1776-1976 copper-nickel clad proofs. These include the Variety I featuring a bold, san-serif font on the reverse inscriptions and the Variety II, which features finer inscriptions with serifs. All 40% silver proof are Variety I specimens.

Following the Bicentennial program, the coin?s regular reverse design featuring the Apollo 11 insignia returned in 1977, though the 40% silver proofs did not. While proof Eisenhower dollars are extremely common, pre-Bicentennial deep cameo proofs are not and generally sell for multiples of standard proof Ike dollars.


U.S. Coin Values

11-Coin Set

sample image for 11-Coin Set

U.S. Coin Values

1971-S 40% Silver

Mintage: 4,265,234

sample image for 1971-S 40% Silver

U.S. Coin Values

1972-S 40% Silver

Mintage: 1,811,631

sample image for 1972-S 40% Silver

U.S. Coin Values

1973-S Clad

Mintage: 2,760,339

sample image for 1973-S Clad

U.S. Coin Values

1973-S 40% Silver

Mintage: 1,013,646

sample image for 1973-S 40% Silver

U.S. Coin Values

1974-S Clad

Mintage: 2,612,568

sample image for 1974-S Clad

U.S. Coin Values

1974-S 40% Silver

Mintage: 1,306,579

sample image for 1974-S 40% Silver

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 3,251,152

sample image for 1977-S

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 3,127,781

sample image for 1978-S

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