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Catalog & market information for bank notes issued by République Française

From 1943 to December 1951, the southern province of the Fezzan was under French rule. Notes originally issued by the Banque de l’Afrique Occidentale (Bank of West Africa) were overprinted by the République Française (RF) and exchanged for Algerian francs at par. The official records of the Caisse Centrale de la France Libre mention that 480,350 5-franc note were shipped and 200,000 overprinted, but no others. However, 25- and 100-franc notes with similar overprints are also known.


5 francs
(B021a, PM9)

Worth: $150.00 - $600
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25 francs
(B022a, PNL)

Worth: $8.00 - $70.00
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