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Series Overview: Modern Commem Sets (Proof)

Modern commemorative proof sets include two or more coins from a given US Mint commemorative coin program. These commemorative proof sets have long been popular with collectors and promoters, but there is increasing speculation from investors who buy these sets to break them up and submit the individual coins to third-party grading companies in the hopes of achieving a high grade.

Despite the relatively recent vintage of even the earliest �modern� commemoratives from the 1980s, several of these earlier proof issues prove remarkably tough in the grades of PR69 and especially PR70. Therefore, modern commemorative proof sets prove fertile searching grounds for just such coins.

Most individuals in the retail and wholesale circuits who seek these modern commemorative proof sets insist on buying only sets that have crisp holders, clean boxes, and certificates of authenticity when applicable. While the number of some modern commemorative proof sets in original government packaging has dwindled somewhat as more and more are broken up, they are still quite common and are widely available in the marketplace.

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