How much are my U.S. $10 Platinum Eagles worth?

About $10 Platinum Eagles

$10 platinum American Eagle bullion coins were originally issued in 1997, and production continued until 2008. The $10 platinum eagle contains one-tenth ounce of pure platinum, which makes it a popular series among bullion investors. However, many collectors also enjoy these coins, which carry a stately obverse likeness of the Statue of Liberty by John Mercanti. In 1997, the reverse originally carried the visage of a soaring American eagle designed by Thomas D. Rogers, but beginning in 1998 a new reverse design was utilized on the proofs every year. Rogers? reverse design was used on all uncirculated issues throughout that iteration of the series.

The $10 platinum eagle is the smallest platinum coin that has been issued by the United States Mint. This makes these coins, smaller than a dime by physical breadth, excellent for individuals who wish to obtain platinum at a relatively low price point. While regular uncirculated examples are about equally common from issue to issue, the burnished specimens struck in 2006, 2007, and 2008 have tiny mintages of less than 6,000 pieces and are scarcer, and more expensive, than typical examples.


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