Series notes: Mercury Dimes (Proof)

While Mercury dimes were designed by Adolph A. Weinman and first released in 1916, the first proof issues did not appear until two decades later, when the United States Mint resurrected production of proof coinage in 1936. Only a handful of different proof Mercury dime issues were made, and therefore collectors who want a proof version of this popular coin, which was made until 1945, have but a few options.

Proof Mercury dimes were minted from 1936 until only 1942, as the onset of World War II necessitated US Mint officials to concentrate on making coins for a busy wartime economy and also to strike medals for military officials and their families. The scarcest of all proof Mercury dimes is the 1936, which has the lowest mintage from the run.

Most proof Mercury dimes range from PR63 to PR65 and feature matte to brilliant surfaces. Premiums are substantial on all higher-grading examples as well as those with brilliant surfaces and/or cameo devices.

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