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Witter Coin
2299 Lombard Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

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Seth Chandler
(415) 781-5690

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Witter Coin was founded by Dean Witter back in 1960 in a small shop on Bush & Kearny Streets.  We have been at our current location, The Hobart Building, since 1982.

If you are a beginning coin collector that’s spending a few dollars, or an advanced collector looking for an elusive rarity to complete your collection, Witter Coin has a proven track record at assisting collectors of all kinds. Witter Coin works with all coin collectors of all budgets, especially younger collectors.

We are an authorized dealer of PCGS, NGC, CAC, and PCGS Currency.  Witter Coin has one the largest inventories of PCGS graded coins in Northern California.  Please click here to see our inventory of over 1000 PCGS graded coins.  We also buy and sell all gold and silver bullion.  To view descriptions and pictures of all the items we buy, click here.

Seth Chandler is the owner and Chief Numismatist of Witter Coins.  He started collecting coins when he was four by placing Wheat Cents in blue Whitman coin folders given to him by his parents. Things started getting serious when Seth was ten.  Money earned from mowing lawns was used to buy coins at his local coin store, Edgewood Coin Shop.  Seth spent so much time at Edgewood; they offered him a job, working there from the age of 14 to 18.

Seth has been an avid coin collector for over 40 years and his collecting interests includes early United States gold coins and all coinage minted at the three San Francisco Mints.  When not playing with coins, Seth spends time with his three young children and lovely wife, Jen.

Luis Ramos, Numismatist.  Luis has been collecting coins since he was eleven, after he was given a collection of circulated Mercury Dimes by his grandmother.  This one folder of Mercury Dimes spurred a lifetime interest in collecting.  Luis is currently assembling sets of Proof Mercury Dimes, Classic Commemoratives and DMPL/Toned Morgan Dollars.  He has completed courses at the American Numismatic Association on Advanced Coin Grading for four years straight.  Luis has also successfully completed the Gemological Institute of America Diamond Grading Lab Class.  Aside from coin collecting, Luis enjoys auto racing, collector cars and photography.  He graduated Fresno Pacific University magna cum laude with degrees in Business and Economics.