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MONEY OF THE CELTS Achieves Outstanding Results

Künker's Spring Auctions Sales were held from 21 to 25 March and from 4 to 6 April 2022. They will go down in the company's history as the auction week with the highest turnover that was ever achieved. In this review, we present the Top Five of Celtic, Greek and Roman coins.


A Review of Künker's Spring Auction Sales: A Market Analysis

At 14.8 million euros, the total hammer price of the first part of Künker's Spring Auction Sales was more than twice its estimate of 6.5 million euros. This was also, but not only, due to twenty six-digit results. We'll take a look at results from all price segments.


The Salton Collection: An Auction of Superlatives

700,000 euros for the eightfold rose noble from Campen, making it the most expensive gold coin ever auctioned on German soil; 16 hammer prices in the six-digit range; prices increasing to more than ten times their estimates: the sale of the Salton Collection with its unique history was a complete success. Here you can find the top ten results.

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Celebrating 50 Years of Künker – The Book

In 2021 Künker celebrated its 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the auction house commissioned a company chronicle, which reflects the history of the German coin trade since 1971. It's the centerpiece of a heavyweight commemorative publication.


Money of the Celts – The Flesche Collection at Künker

The second part of Künker's Spring Auction Sales is completely dedicated to antiquity. In addition to many collections of Greek, Roman Republican, Roman imperial and late Roman coinage, a collection with world-class Celtic coins will be on offer: the Flesche Collection.


The Last Coins of Independent Syracuse

The second part of Künker's Spring Auction Sales is dedicated to antiquity: we present three specimens that are among the last coins that were issued by independent Syracuse while the Romans besieged the city and Archimedes built his defense machines.


Salton, Köhlmoos and the Welfs: World-Class Collections at Künker

Künker's Spring Auction Sales will be divided into two parts. There are so many important private collections on offer that one week simply isn't enough. The Salton and Köhlmoos Collections as well as a special collection with Welf coinage dominate the first week.


A Testimony to the Habsburgs' Claim to Power: The Three Emperors Issue

There is an enigmatic coin that – without naming a specific ruler who commissioned it – symbolizes the Habsburgs' claim to power: the so-called Three Emperors Issue. Künker offers two off-metal strikes in gold of this coin type as part of the sale of the Salton Collection on 22 March 2022. We summarize what is known about these mysterious pieces.


The Origins of the German Coin Trade: Brochure on the Fate of the Hamburger and Schlessinger Families

On the occasion of the sale of the Salton Collection, auction house Künker and Stack's Bowers Galleries entrusted the historian Ursula Kampmann with the task of investigating the history of the Hamburger-Schlessinger dynasty of coin dealers. Her findings revolutionize what we know about the German coin trade.


Origins of the German Coin Trade: The Hamburger and Schlessinger Families

To mark the auction of the Salton collection, Künker and Stack's Bowers Galleries asked historian Ursula Kampmann to research the history of the Hamburger-Schlessinger coin trading dynasty. Her findings have revolutionized our knowledge of the German coin trade.


10.4M Euros for 772 Lots at Künker: We Present the Top Five

On 26 January 2022 Künker held its January Auction Sales. Eight lots achieved results in the six-digit range. We present the five lots with the highest results.


Künker Presents the Collection of a Connoisseur

On 1 and 2 February 2022, Künker will hold its auction 360 as an eLive Premium Auction. It contains German coins and medals of top quality – with estimates from the two- to the four-digit range.


The Köhlmoos Collection at Künker

Time to make a note in your calendar: Künker's January Auction Sales 2022 will take place on Wednesday instead of Thursday, and in Osnabrück instead of Berlin. Several collections will be on offer, including the second Köhlmoos Collection of the usual legendary quality.


Historical Testimonies of the International Coin Trade at Künker

Künker will offer almost 2,000 lots of historical auction catalogs from December 7-9 2021, making up part 3 of the Alain Poinsignon Library.


The Top Five Results of Künker's Auction Sales 351-354

13.6 million euros: that's the total result of Künker's Fall Auction Sales. This is almost twice the estimate of about 7 million euros. A remarkable result that was achieved thanks to numerous prices in the six-digit range, including a new record for a Prussian coin!


Künker Internet Auction Offers Nudes and Eros in Numismatics from the W. Risse Collection

In its eLive Premium Auction 356, Künker auctions off the W. Risse Collection with medals entitled ""Nuditas in nummis – Nude and Eros in Numismatics"". The pieces cover the time span from the Renaissance to modern times.


Künker Internet Auction Offers German Coins and Medals from a South German Private Collection

478 lots of mostly German coins of the 19th and 20th centuries of outstanding quality – that is the offer of Künker's eLive Premium Auction 355 taking place on 12 October 2021 starting at 6 p.m.


A New Currency for a New Japan

On 27 September 2021, an icon of Japanese coinage will be auctioned off as part of the Schwarz Collection offered by Künker: the 20 yen piece of 1870 of which only very few specimens were minted to be given to dignitaries of the imperial court.


The Fascination of Minted Gold (and Silver)

""The Fascination of Minted Gold"" Collection contains about 1,500 gold coins. And it is just one of many collections offered in Künker's Fall Auction Sales: the material covers the entire spectrum from antiquity to Brandenburg-Prussia and Brunswick to modern times.



Ulrich Künker's friendship of Michael Hans Chou spawned the idea of a set of two panda medals.

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