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The Business of Numismatics: October 2022 Greysheet

Our flagship publication has been updated to fit more pricing, including added values for CAC-approved coins in Buffalo nickels and Mercury dimes.


United States Mint 2022 American Eagle Palladium Reverse Proof Coin Available September 29

Production of this coin is limited to 7,500 coins, with orders limited to 10 per household for the first 24 hours of sales.


Greysheet & CPG Pricing Added for Canadian Quarters

Classic Canadian quarter dollars are incredibly collectible, spanning the reigns of modern monarchs. The series has lacked reliable objective pricing until now.

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Jeff Garrett: Do Bullion Prices Still Matter?

While prices of gold and silver have cooled, the collectible coin market is still on a hot streak.


This Week in U.S. Coin Pricing

The market is... in a word... SOLID. Read my observations about the major auctions at Heritage and Stack's Bowers this week.


Coin Catalog Update: VAMs, Overtons and Canadian

We now have over 140,000 distinct numismatic items in our database, which is growing quickly.


Central States Auction 2022, Part 2: U.S. $10 Gold Coins

A few of the prices realized for $10 gold coins (eagles) in the May 5 Heritage Platinum Night sessions were astonishing and many auction results were reflective of ascents in market levels that had already occurred during 2021 and early 2022.


CPG Market Update (CPG Market Review April 2022)

The Spring 2022 quarterly collector market commentary by Patrick Ian Perez, CDN Publishing Vice President.


How Many Coins Has the U.S. Mint Produced Over the Past 100 Years?

Custom coin and pin website WizardPins.com created a visualization highlighting how many coins the U.S. Mint has produced in the last 100 years.


PCGS Reclassifies Early American Fugio Cent as Regular-Issue Federal Coin

The Fugio Cent has long been one of the most enjoyed early American collectibles, and now numismatists can count it as the earliest of all United States regular-issue coins.


November 2021 Greensheet Market Report: Collector Demand Remains Robust in Fall

The action in the rare currency market this past month was provided by the Heritage ""Long Beach"" auction which was held in Dallas and realized a total of $7.4 million from 1,523 lots.


Investing in Modern United States Commemorative Coins

The largest coin dealer in the world is the United States Mint. Purchasing coins directly from the U.S. Mint can be a very cost-effective method to add coins to your collection. If you're only looking at them for investment purposes, this can be a risky business.


Precision Coin Supplies Need by More Advanced Collectors

The deeper you journey into coin collecting, the more advanced your coin collecting supplies need to be. You will be paying more attention to the details and very fine attributes of your coins.


Activity Across the Market (September 2021 Greysheet)

A good measure of strength for any market is the number of participants. While we have discussed the many positives of the current rare coin market in past issues, it has been very encouraging to see the level of market-making from many dealers.


Activity Across the Market (July 2021 Greysheet)

Gold and silver spot? Up. Equities? Up. The overall rare coin market? Up. Sports cards and comics? Way up. Major crypto currencies? Mostly up. The only main asset class down lately is the U.S. dollar.


Here's What You Need to Know About the New 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars are possibly the most collected coins in the world. The US Mint is re-imagining these exciting issues and creating a lot of buzz in the process.


The Farouk-Weitzman 1933 Saint Gaudens Sold Tuesday for a Record-Breaking $18 million!

The 1933 Saint is now the most valuable coin in the world.


The Famed 1933 Saint Gaudens Will Be Sold Tuesday

Will the 1933 Saint become the most valuable coin in the world?


Early American Rarities Come to Market in June

Heritage Auctions will be offering two amazing early American coins from 1792 that would be the jewel of any museum collection or collector's cabinet. Both pieces help to tell the story of the very first official US coinage and have close connections to the Founding Fathers.


Seeing Double! Rare Doubled Die Cent Could Sell For Six Figures

Every week, our coin staff at Heritage receives multiple inquiries from hopefuls who are searching their pocket change for treasures. One such lucky consignor has entrusted a modern rarity to Heritage for sale in January: a 1969-S Doubled Die Cent!


United States Mint Offering 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollars in Three Pre-order Windows

The United States Mint (Mint) today announced that the 2021 renditions of the classic Morgan and Peace Dollars will be available in three pre-order windows, beginning on May 24, June 1, and June 7, with each order window lasting two weeks.


CAC Rare Coin Market Review Spring 2021 Publisher's Message

Welcome to the seventh edition of the CAC Rare Coin Market Review. This is the third year of publication for this guide and I'm proud that it has become an indispensable tool for thousands of readers in this short time frame.


Editors Message (CPG Market Review April 2021)

One of the major themes thus far in 2021 is how on fire the collectibles space has been.


Price Discovery and the Role of Coin Price Guides

Where do these prices come from? and What role should these prices play in our decision processes?


The February Greysheet Publishers Report: Loving Coins In a Pandemic

The coin market has been surprisingly robust during COVID, but we'd sure like to get back to meeting in person at coin shows! In the meantime, we have updated pricing on a number of critical series from Buffalo nickels to gold coinage and added proof large cent pricing. And Congress just approved a 100th anniversary commemorative coins for 1921 Morgan and Peace dollars...


Editor's Message (CPG Coin & Currency Market Review: Jan-Feb-Mar 2021)

The CPG Market Review is fast becoming one of the most relevant publications in numismatics. For 2021 we have added pricing in significant new areas from proof Roosevelt dimes to Colonial paper money.


Are Full Red Lincolns Really Worth Huge Premiums?

Lincoln cents are the most collected of all coins and examples with original mint red surfaces command huge premiums. But is it worth it? Expert analyst Greg Reynolds takes a deeper dive.


January 2021 Greensheet Market Report: Rarities Abound in FUN Auction

Despite the cancellation of the FUN Convention that usually kicks off the year for many dealers and collectors, Heritage will still hold their important annual FUN United States currency auction.


Auction Review: Miller Time for Morgans -- Mid 6-Figure Prices Realized

The Larry Miller Part 1 featured an amazing collection Morgan dollars, some of which have no peer.


Pricing Added for Proof Large Cents

Greysheet and CPG now offer values for proof large cents struck between 1821-1857.

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