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Be Wary of King Charles III ""Pretender"" Coins, Cautions Professional Numismatists Guild

People enjoy collecting examples from the first year of issue when a new coin design is introduced, such as the 1953 Royal Mint coins of Queen Elizabeth II, according to the Professional Numismatists Guild.


Jeff Garrett: Do Bullion Prices Still Matter?

While prices of gold and silver have cooled, the collectible coin market is still on a hot streak.


Cadillac Celebrates 120 years with Precious Metal Collection by APMEX

The pure gold and silver collection honors the evolution of Cadillac

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August 2022 Greensheet Market Analysis: Major Paper Money Sales Featured in August

The monthly currency market commentary for August 2022 by Patrick Ian Perez.


CAC Market Update: Are Cac Coin Values More Resilient Than Non-Cac?

It's no secret that equity, commodity, and collectible markets have enjoyed a tremendous run for the last two years.


Caution! Hundreds of Websites Selling Counterfeit Gold and Silver Coins

Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation warns of fake ""precious metal"" and ""rare coins"" offered online, and helps a Texas investor who became an unsuspecting victim.


One Ounce Gold Oban Ingots offered in the Stack's Bowers Galleries Precious Metals Auctions

In April 2021, Stack's Bowers Galleries sold an incredibly rare Tensho-era ca. 1588 Japanese Oban for $1.9 million. Taking inspiration from this record-setting treasure, Stack's Bowers Galleries is now offering commemorative Oban ingots struck in 1 ounce of .999 fine gold in their bi-monthly Precious Metals Auction (PMA) sales.


Investing in Junk Silver

In times of inflation, you may want to diversify your investment portfolio into ""Junk Silver.""


Wayde Milas Named PNG President

Wayde Milas has been selected as the new President of the Professional Numismatists Guild.


Jack H. Beymer Recipient of PNG's Renamed Harvey G. Stack Lifetime Achievement Award

The Professional Numismatists Guild announced its 2022 awards on PNG Day, April 27, in conjunction with the Central States Numismatic Society convention.


Volunteer State Ends Tax on Coins, Currency, and Bullion

Tennessee has gained a complete sales-tax exemption on the retail sales of coins, currency, and precious-metals bullion.


Alabama Bill Amends Bullion Definition, Extends Expiration Date, and Repeals Reporting Requirements

In the summer of 2016, Phil Darby (J & P Coins and Currency) and Steve Caiola (Alabama Gold Refinery) started collaborating with the National Coin & Bullion Association on a campaign to obtain a statewide coin, currency, and precious-metals bullion sales-tax exemption.


Virginia Sales-Tax Exemption Extended and Threshold Removed

On March 2, Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin signed House Bill 3, which extends the sunset date for the sales-tax exemption on gold, silver, and platinum bullion and legal tender coins to June 30, 2025. Under the previous law, the exemption would have expired on June 30, 2022.


ACEF Concerns Included in Federal Government's Review of Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting & Piracy

The sale of counterfeit U.S. coins and precious metals on e-commerce platforms and third-party marketplaces continues to escalate and the number of victims proves to be a highly lucrative and profitable business for counterfeiters.


Professional Numismatist and Author Miles Standish Announces New Projects

Plans include creating new coin designs, 4th edition of award-winning American Silver Eagles book, and NGC autographs.


Rare Coin Market Soaring But Use Caution, Advises Professional Numismatists Guild Experts

If you don't know coins or precious metals, you'd better know your dealer.


Arkansas and Ohio Coin Dealers Receives Service Awards

The National Coin & Bullion Association dealer-members Dan Hedges (Auro Industries, Little Rock, Arkansas) and David Miholer (The Executive Coin Company, Stow, Ohio) have received the association's 2021 Diane Piret Memorial Outstanding Service Award for their continuous dedication and financial contributions to obtaining a sales-tax exemption on sales of collector coins, bullion coins, bullion, and currency in the state of Arkansas and reinstating Ohio's exemption for precious-metal and investment coins and bullion, respectively.


Upstate Coin & Gold Welcomes Richard Gonzales as Business Development & Product Manager for Pre-1933 Gold & Silver Dollars

Upstate Coin & Gold announced today it is further expanding its position in the rare coin industry with the addition of Richard Gonzales to their business development team effective January 10, 2022.


Over $212 Million Sold in Record Year at Stack's Bowers Galleries

It is said that records are made to be broken and 2021 was the year for Stack's Bowers Galleries to break them. Overall, Stack's Bowers Galleries sold at auction over $212 million in numismatic items across nearly 75,000 lots, making it the single strongest season of auction offerings in their 89-year history.


Skyrocketing Gold Bullion Coin Demand, Soaring Rare Coin Values in 2021, Reports Universal Coin & Bullion President Michael Fuljenz

Although the price of gold fluctuated during 2021, the public's demand for gold bullion coins such as the popular American Eagle series soared during the past year, according to Michael Fuljenz, president of Universal Coin & Bullion (www.UniversalCoin.com) in Beaumont, Texas.


Unbelievable Thousand-Ounce Silver Assay Office Ingot Up For Bid

Heritage Auctions will be doing some heavy lifting in the January FUN Auction #1341 when an unbelievable 1949 silver ingot from the New York Assay Office crosses the auction block. This hefty piece of historical silver weighs 1016.46 Ounces and has to be seen to be believed!


APMEX Shows Decade-Long Commitment to Serve the Hungry

A passion for service and a recognition of need fuels APMEX's long-standing commitment to help feed hungry Oklahomans. The leading precious metals retailer is celebrating 10 years of supporting the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma with a major gift to feed the hungry during the holiday season.


Activity Across the Market (December 2021 Greysheet)

While the rare coin market is still very robust, it has come off the peak it enjoyed during the summer -- and that is probably a good thing.


A Remedy to the Same Old Ways of Coin Collecting

Some traditional ways of collecting coins can get old fast. Here is a review of the traditional ways and some ideas for new ways to collect that will rekindle your coin collecting bug.


How to Buy Gold Coins for Profit

If you know how to buy gold coins you can use them to diversify your investment portfolio. Know the difference between gold bullion and gold coins and how to purchase them.


Activity Across the Market (November 2021 Greysheet)

As we collectively head into the final two months of 2021, the rare coin market appears to have leveled off, but this is not necessarily a negative.


Support Campaigns to Protect Your Business from State Greed

In light of the Supreme Court's South Dakota v. Wayfair decision, what would it mean for your business to be free of the burden of collecting sales tax on the coins, currency, and precious-metals bullion you sell?


Investing in Modern United States Commemorative Coins

The largest coin dealer in the world is the United States Mint. Purchasing coins directly from the U.S. Mint can be a very cost-effective method to add coins to your collection. If you're only looking at them for investment purposes, this can be a risky business.


Anatomy of Fraudulent Facebook Pop- Up Ads

Online scams related to counterfeit coins and precious metals continue to escalate and a major tool used by fraudsters is the utilization of Facebook pop-up ads to scam unsuspecting victims, according to the non-profit ACEF


Three Numismatic Groups Admonish Facebook About Ads Offering Counterfeits

The social media giant has not responded to warnings that the ""platform continues to be used to lure gullible buyers of counterfeits.""

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