by CDN Publishing | Published on October 13, 2017

CAC pricing is coming to the Bluesheet, as soon as next week. We have some logistical issues to overcome, but the plan here is to migrate CAC pricing from the Greysheet to Bluesheet in the October 20 and 27 issues. We are really excited about this move as the Bluesheet has always been the intended vehicle to deliver certification-specific pricing. The focus of the Greysheet is to feature pricing that encompasses a typical (high end) coin for a specific grade, regardless of grading service. Ironically, as CAC has captivated collector’s interests, the spread between CAC and non-CAC coins has actually grown, in part because CAC-graded material is far scarcer than unstickered coins. This is natural, as CAC will always represent a subset of the PCGS and NGC certified coins on the market.

One on the more compelling aspects of CAC coins has been the market support in the online exchanges, namely CDNX ( This dealer-only exchange allows members to place market bids for PCGS, NGC and CAC-approved coins of either service. Since the inception of CAC, that company, led by John Albanese, has been the top market bidder for certified coins on ANY exchange. As of this writing, CAC has $319 million (yes, MILLION) in active bids on CDNX. This market strength has been cascaded to dealers and collectors alike and has become a huge pillar of strength across the entire numismatic market. Consider that many coins certified by PCGS and NGC is eligible for the sticker and you will understand the potential for added liquidity.

More recently, several bidders have jumped CAC’s bids, and others are starting to bid on PCGS and NGC coins without stickers. In our opinion there is tremendous opportunity here to buy within the spread. Many great coins are overlooked and underpriced in the current market and the Bluesheet is going to help you take advantage of these opportunities. We will comment further in the coming weeks as we make this transition.

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