CAC Grading Announces the First 20 Coins Certified – Essay Contest Winners

Here we are a month later and we could not be more excited to unveil the winners!

by CAC Grading | Published on July 27, 2023

For more than a decade, CAC has focused on verifying premium quality coins, with the end consumer always at the forefront. With the opening of CAC Grading, we look to continue that heritage. As we have stated before, the first ten coins to be encapsulated would be the winners of our contest. Each contestant submitted an essay by early May describing why they value a coin in their possession. This value may be sentimental, monetary, based on provenance, or any other factor. Due to an overwhelming number of entries, it became clear that more than ten winners should be chosen. Therefore, we have decided to encapsulate the coins from the top twenty essays.

Here we are a month later and we could not be more excited to unveil the winners!

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The CAC Grading Contest Winners representing the first 20 coins certified by the new grading service.

About CAC Grading

In 2023, more than 150 industry leaders generously dedicated their time and efforts to help CAC become an authentication, grading, and encapsulation service.

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Source: CAC Grading

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CAC was formed in 2007 by John Albanese, a respected authority on coin grading and the rare coin market, along with twenty-two leading members of the numismatic community. Because certified coins of the same grade can be of varying quality, CAC’s mission was to advocate for the hobbyist by establishing an extremely stringent standard of grading. As a verifier of previously certified coins, CAC only recognizes coins that meet the highest standard with the now famous green sticker. Out of all the coins submitted to CAC, less than half receive the honorable CAC sticker. As a result, the CAC sticker serves as an unmistakable means of identifying premium coins for the grade.

In 2022, John Albanese assembled over one hundred and fifty leading members of the numismatic community with a purpose to reclaim accuracy and consistency in grading. After all, why merely sticker a previously certified coin when the same stringent standards can be applied within the context of a grading service? Thus, CAC Grading was born! The only difference now is the grade assigned to a coin is a true representation of that coin. Boasting a team of world-class graders including Ron Drzewucki, John Butler, among others, CAC is committed to applying an unparalleled level of expertise to every submitted coin. As a result, hobbyists can have total confidence in a coin certified by CAC.

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