Featured Greysheet Pricing for May: Great Britain Britannia Bullion

The gold and silver Britannia coins are beautiful and popular issues that attract both investors and collectors.

by CDN Publishing | Published on May 3, 2024

Greysheet continues to significantly expand the number and variety of items that have regularly-updated pricing data. In United States coinage, this has includes thousands of varieties, but we also now cover worldwide paper money (under our Banknote Book brand) and we are growing our cataloging and pricing footprint for  world coins as well. Print space limitations in the Monthly Greysheet preclude us from printing most of the pricing data we cover, however they are always available in our online pricing tool and app. For those dealers that are members, they are also available on CDN Exchange. The fact that some of this niche pricing does not get printed every month means almost by default it is overlooked and/or unnoticed by a percentage of our customers. We welcome feedback at pricing@greysheet.com.  

This month’s Featured Pricing, after a month off, provides a sampling of modern bullion issued from the Royal Mint of Great Britain, including silver Britannia and gold Britannia coinage. For some context, we have not only been hard at work building out the entire world coin catalog of all eras, but recently have turned particular focus to modern issues. The impetus for this focus comes from a variety of sources. Firstly, the expansion of CAC Grading (CACG) into grading world moderns is critical as the CACG holders exclusively use our proprietary Greysheet Identification number, or GSID. Thus, this requires any item to be potentially graded to be in our catalog. 

Secondly, attending the World Money Fair in Berlin has provided material proof of the role that modern issues play in the larger numismatic marketplace. These annual new issues push the limits of coin design—even to the point of redefining what exactly can be considered a “coin” in the traditional sense. They provide collectors new ways of acquiring bullion, feature subjects from pop culture genres such as movies, television series, comics, and sports, and these modern issues have now inspired many collectors who eagerly await each year to get the newest releases. We feel it is important to begin providing pricing data for these series, as there is at present a gap in coverage. We are in the planning stages of how we can address this gap by leveraging our strength in the gathering and distillation of data. Stay tuned!

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Source: CDN Publishing

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