by CDN Publishing | Published on August 31, 2016

A few weeks out from ANA and the market is still working to digest the immense amount of new inventory brought to market from this huge event. All indications show a reasonably healthy market which gives us a positive outlook for the Fall show schedule, which is always much lighter than the first half of the year.

The biggest news for readers this week is a change in format that has been a long time in the works. Starting this month, prices for AU-Unc Mercury dimes and Walking Liberty halves will no longer be found in the weekly Greysheet. We have logically joined these to their circulated pricing on the Supplement for practical reason. Additionally we’ve added totals to many of the series represented on the Monthly Supplement making this sheet a much more useful tool for readers. As a dealer pricing typical sets you won’t have to go back and forth between two newsletters anymore, and we now present you with totals in nearly every grade. This way, the overall trend in each series can be observed.

This week we cover the September Monthly Supplement & Quarterly III editions, published separately and included with your Greysheet subscription.

Barber Dimes, Quarters & Halves: Updates for type in these series, as common date mint state coins still feel downward pressure. Better dates continue to hold their own. Gem dimes, quarters are ripe for the picking at the moment. Proof coins are still looking for a bottom.
Washington Quarters: Many changes for circs, which are high volume coins for set builders. However, there is some weakness in the MS67 grade as the population numbers change.

Liberty Eagles: We were surprised at the strength of early dates as it is evident that when original coins are offered premium money is there for the bidding. While it is a series very few collectors attempt to do in full, many advanced collectors select better dates for their holdings. Collectors also like to assemble branch mint sets, and competition for these examples is strong.
Ty. 1 Liberty Double Eagles: A number of significant examples sold at auction in the past quarter, with multiple six-figure coins trading hands. The only readily available mint state coins available for type collectors are the shipwreck dates, and despite their relatively high population numbers they maintain strong performance.

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