How To Find A Coin Dealer Near You + 4 Etiquette Tips For Dealing With Coin Dealers

by CDN Publishing | Published on September 21, 2018

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor

Looking for a coin dealer near you? At CDN Publishing, we’re proud to offer the Numismatic Dealer Directory, a free, comprehensive online guide to more than 4,000 coin dealers and other numismatic specialists from coast to coast. This easy-to-use directory is perfect if you want to find a coin dealer near you who can provide you with an appraisal, buy or sell coins, or offer other goods and services to help you grow in and further enjoy your hobby.

Coin dealers are generally eager to share their knowledge and wisdom with new and seasoned collectors alike, and many have extensive connections to other dealers and can help you acquire coins on your want list at the right price. Forge a good rapport with a coin dealer and you’ve got an important ally to help you make the best of your hobby. Of course, building a great relationship with a coin dealer is a two-way street. He or she has to treat you fairly and ethically, and you’ll need to do the same, too.

And then there’s coin dealer etiquette. If you’ve never visited a coin shop before or are still new to working with coin dealers, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Know how to hold a coin correctly — How should you hold a coin? Securely between your forefinger and thumb, in clear view of the dealer and closely over a soft pad whenever possible.
  • Don’t lean on cases — One wrong move and an elbow on the top of a glass case becomes an elbow going through the glass case! Not only does this spread glass everywhere, it can also cause injuries to you or others and damage very expensive merchandise. You don’t want to have to buy a new glass case and a bunch of coins you didn’t intend to, do you?
  • Haggling is ok, belittling a dealer on price is not — Every potential transaction (usually) hinges on one tiny (HUGE) detail: price. Coin dealers normally use Monthly Greysheet and Greensheet pricing in trading coins and paper currency with other dealers, and customers can get an idea on average retail prices using the Collectors Price Guide Coin & Currency Market Review. However, when it comes to how much a dealer charges, prices aren’t always set in stone. Some dealers are willing to budge a bit on pricing for items in their inventory. Perhaps asking a few percent off a particular piece is fair, and sometimes more on non-bullion items that have been sitting in the case for a long time. But remember, dealers pay overhead and need to make a profit. When both sides are happy after a transaction between a coin dealer and customer, everyone wins, and so does the hobby.
  • Oh, and one more thing: coin dealers are busy people! If you’re curious how much your coins or currency are worth, you can get a pretty good idea on their value by checking out the coin price guide and currency price guide on our website or free mobile app.

We hope you enjoy the experience you have with your coin dealer and are sure that you’ll find one in our directory who can help you with all of your hobby needs. Happy collecting!

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