Ireland: New Range of Gold and Silver Bullion Medals Features Traditional Celtic Motifs With Limited Mintages

A new 2024-dated range of Gold and silver bullion quality medals has been launched which features traditional Celtic motifs and historic symbols.

by Michael Alexander | Published on April 11, 2024

Debuting last year, the first medals were produced in silver as one-ounce pieces with ten thousand minted and which sold out in their entirety. For 2024, three popular weights have been produced, tenth-ounce gold and 1 ounce gold and silver. A three-ounce gold, five-ounce and one-kilo silver pieces have also been minted but in very small quantities.

The range of bullion medals are produced by Geiger Edelmetalle at their facilities near Stuttgart, Germany and commissioned by Tara Coins, a bullion firm located in Dublin, Ireland. Designed by Mark O’Byrne, founder of Tara Coins, the obverse side features the Celtic symbol known as the Tri Spiral from Newgrange, an ancient carving found on a large stone located in the ancient temple and prehistoric monument in Newgrange, County Meath. It is one of Ireland’s and the planet’s oldest and most sacred places which was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Newgrange and its tri-spiral stone carvings date to at least 3200 BC and thus, are older than Stonehenge or the oldest of pyramids in Egypt. At over 5200 years old, the Tri Spiral is also one of the world’s oldest symbols representing culture and heritage. Next to the Tri-Spiral is a depiction of the cláirseach or Celtic harp, considered one of the greatest symbols of the civilised Gaelic world. The Harp has appeared on all of Ireland’s circulation and collector coins on the obverse side since statehood. Ireland is the only nation in the world that utilises a musical instrument as its national emblem. Below these two national symbols is a stylised representation of a rising sun and shining stars. The motif celebrates Gaelic consciousness, the light and energy of the sun, infinite space and divine intelligence. Above the primary design is the word ÉIRE (the Gaelic word for Ireland).

The reverse side features An Crann Bethadh or, the Tree Of Life, an important and universal symbol representing humanity. Common to many philosophies and spiritual traditions throughout the world, it remains an archetypal symbol of balance, fertility, strength, abundance and unity. The incused design also incorporates shamrocks and apples. Below the primary design are the specifications of each option GOLD or SILVER 9999 – the weight and year of production 2024 separated by stylised asterisks.

Metal  Weight  Diameter  Quality  Authorised Mintage  
99.99 Silver 31.1 g.  38.6 mm.  BUUp to 100,000 
99.99 Silver311.1 g.70 mm.Proof-like999
99.99 Silver1000 g.100.6 mm.Proof-like5 pieces
99.99 Gold3. 1 g.  16.5 mm.  BUUp to 50,000  
99.99 Gold31.1 g.  38.6 mm.  BUUp to 50,000 
99.99 Gold93.3 g.38.6 mm.Proof-like3 pieces

Each silver Tree of Life bullion medal is encapsulated and sold individually. The single gold Tree of Life medal is encapsulated and presented in a Tara Coins branded walnut box accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Geiger Edelmetalle's Mint Director.  Tara Coins do not sell to retail clients directly and only sell to wholesale distributors. For a list of their authorised distributors, please visit their webpage.

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Author: Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander image Michael’s background in both numismatics and banknotes spans more than three decades and whose activities have varied from being a dedicated world coin collector to coin & medal design, marketing, theme concept and production. His additional interests include banknote research and in 1997, he founded the London Banknote and Monetary Research Centre to further these interests and activities. The company continues to offer monthly currency bulletins to both online and printed publications which includes information about the latest banknote news and releases from Central Banks and Monetary Authorities around the world. Michael has been a contributor to COIN NEWS magazine based in the UK since 1998 where many of his in-depth interviews, articles and bulletins have been published.

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