Early Type, Morgan Dollars, Gold, and Pattern Coins Focus of Eight Fresh, High-End, Quality Collections That Anchor Legend’s 27th Regency Auction

by Legend Auctions | Published on June 27, 2018


June 20, 2018, Lincroft, NJ — If you think Las Vegas is HOT in July, step inside our auction room — the atmosphere will be even hotter! Legend Auctions is proud to have produced yet another mind-boggling auction for the 27th Regency Auction. The amazing coins in this sale could possibly beat the record-breaking results in our May 2018 Regency Auction 26. As always, the Regency Auction is the official Auction of the PCGS Member’s Show; July’s event will be conducted at Caesar’s Palace on Thursday, July 26, 2018 beginning at 4:30 PST.

With 604 lots, the July 2018 Regency Sale is anchored by eight SUPERB consignments:

The RanJack Morgan Dollar Collection — A very high-end quality collection of Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New Orleans mint Morgans. Many of these are among the FINEST known and all were hand selected by a very picky collector over the course of more than two decades.

The Aurora Borealis Collection — A few more select duplicates from this monster collection of amazing toned dollars.

The Liberty Sunrise Collection — A complete set of Peace dollars offering original toning. The degree of toning varies from light gold to superb bag toning. Many pieces were purchased at previous Legend Auctions.

The South Texas Collection — A partial 18th-century U.S. type set assembled by a very fastidious collector client of Legend Numismatics. Each coin was hand selected for the client by Laura Sperber, and every coin is PCGS-graded and CAC-approved. Each coin in this collection is a highlight! The collector is now moving on to another area of numismatics.

The Pharma Collection — A selection of coins from a Legend Numismatics collector client who sold the majority of his collection previously. The coins in RA27 were retained as his favorites. He is now retiring and decided to sell of these remaining highlights. What a killer group of 19th-century type coins! Again, since every coin was purchased from Legend, and hand selected by Laura Sperber, each coin is PCGS/CAC and has awesome eye appeal.

The Huron Hills Collection — Selections from a collection that is now being refocused. Each coin is PCGS/CAC and very high end! This group’s focus is Morgan dollars, Walkers, and commems.

The Chester Roche Collection — Fresh to the market, this collection of 49 pieces is a wonderful holding of gold dollars and quarter eagles. The collector was active back in the mid to late 1990s and many of the coins are housed in old green tag PCGS holders.

The Steven Cook Collection of Patterns, Part 2 — The final installment of this very extensive collection of pattern coins. A very diverse offering of issues, including many R-7 Judd numbers. Part 1 was sold in our May Regency Auction and was very well received. This second part has a neat offering of off-metal gold patterns and some GEM silver dollar patterns in copper.

“We are extremely excited about the Regency Auction 27! The sale features so many high-end and FRESH to the market coins, the quality of the sale is remarkable,” explained Julie Abrams, LRCA President. “This is one of the greatest grouping of collections we have ever presented for auction!”

Founder Laura Sperber interjected, “Every coin in the South Texas and Pharma Collections is a highlight! Our favorites from these two collections, hand assembled by Legend Numismatics for two very picky collectors, include: H10C 1796 13 Stars. MS65+, the 25C 1796 PCGS AU53, and the out of this world 50C 1795 PCGS MS64+ and 5C 1908 PCGS/CAC PR67CAM. This coin is virtually a DCAM, $1 1897 PCGS/CAC PR68CAM, $2.50 1871 PCGS/CAC MS65, $20 1906 PCGS/CAC MS66.”

Julie Abrams continued, “Morgan dollar collectors will be able to bid on many amazing superb GEM examples from the RanJack and Aurora Borealis Collections. Collectors of better-date gold will certainly be excited by the Chester Roche Collection, and its offering of high-grade, rare gold dollars and quarter eagles. Pattern specialists will certainly find many coins of interest in Part 2 of the Steven Cook Collection.”

“Presented alongside the anchor consignments are hand-selected coins from a wide variety of sources. Every numismatic enthusiast will find many great coins at all price points from $1,000 to over $250,000,” notes Greg Cohen, senior numismatist for the firm. “There are many important rarities in many series from other consignors as well. This sale presents a very important opportunity to buy AMAZING coins. Just take a look at the highlights listed below. There will be something for everyone in this sale, and we anticipate record participation, as we saw in New Orleans.”

“Demand for inclusion in this sale was white hot,” Laura Sperber explained. “The Legend team vetted each coin for this important sale, and there were over 100 coins that were submitted for consignment, that we did not take because of value or quality considerations. Clearly what is being offered is exceptional! Know that we really do make it so you can bid with confidence that you will get a very impressive coin!”

Highlights of Regency Auction 27 include:

  • Lot 20 $1 1884-S PCGS MS63 From the RanJack Collection
  • Lot 25 $1 1886-O PCGS/CAC MS64+ From the RanJack Collection
  • Lot 48 $1 1894-S PCGS/CAC MS65+ From the RanJack Collection
  • Lot 71 $1 1903-S PCGS/CAC MS66 From the RanJack Collection
  • Lot 95 $1 1892-O PCGS/CAC MS66+
  • Lot 106 $1 1904-O PCGS/CAC MS66+DMPL
  • Lot 160 $1 1927-S PCGS/CAC MS65 From the Liberty Sunrise Collection
  • Lot 174 1C 1794 Head of ’94. PCGS/CAC MS66+BN Ex Lord St. Oswald. From the South Texas Collection
  • Lot 218 1C 1909 V.D.B. Matte Proof. PCGS/CAC PR66RB
  • Lot 239 3CS 1863/2 PCGS PR67CAM
  • Lot 264 H10C 1803 Small 8. PCGS AU55
  • Lot 295 25C 1911-S PCGS/CAC MS67+ Ex Eliasberg
  • Lot 300 25C 1916 Standing Liberty. PCGS/CAC MS66FH
  • Lot 319 50C 1829 NGC/CAC PR63
  • Lot 367 $1 1851 Restrike over O-mint Seated Dollar. PCGS PR63
  • Lot 405 G$1 1849-C Open Wreath. PCGS MS63 From the Chester Roche Collection
  • Lot 417 G$1 1862 PCGS/CAC MS67 From the Chester Roche Collection
  • Lot 430 $2.50 1835 PCGS/CAC MS63 From the Chester Roche Collection
  • Lot 436 $2.50 1856-O PCGS MS60 From the Chester Roche Collection
  • Lot 459 $2.50 1900 PCGS/CAC PR67DCAM
  • Lot 465 $3 1887 PCGS/CAC PR65+DCAM
  • Lot 466 $4 1879 Flowing Hair Stella. PCGS/CAC PR64
  • Lot 473 $5 1854-C PCGS/CAC MS62 — a new discovery
  • Lot 484 $10 1900 PCGS/CAC PR66+DCAM
  • Lot 498 $20 1908-S PCGS/CAC MS66
  • Lot 532 5C 1866 J-461. PCGS/CAC PR66CAM From the Steven Cook Collection, Part 2
  • Lot 540 $10 1868 J-663. PCGS PR64 From the Steven Cook Collection, Part 2
  • Lot 554 $2.50 1869 J-770. PCGS/CAC PR64+CAM From the Steven Cook Collection, Part 2
  • Lot 585 $1 1879 J-1616. PCGS PR66RB From the Steven Cook Collection, Part 2

Legend’s Regency Auction 27 is now open for bidding. To view these, and all other lots visit www.legendauctions.com today. Lot viewing will take place at the PCGS Members Show on July 24, 25, and 26. If you need to make arrangements to view lots at LRCA’s office, please call or email ASAP (732-935-1168 or info@legendauctions.com).

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