Netherlands. New Gold and Silver Proof Coins Remember Bicentenary Anniversary of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution

The Royal Dutch Mint have released new commemorative coins which marks the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution.

by CDN Publishing | Published on April 8, 2024

Otherwise known in the Netherlands as Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij – KNRM, they are one of the most important organisations in the Netherlands. During their 200 years of activity, it is estimated that more than 130,000 lives have been saved from such incidents as capsized and sinking boats, weather-related accidents and flooding in low-lying areas of the Netherlands. As a wholly voluntary organisation, they have proven themselves indispensible and what is even more remarkable is that the KNRM provides their life-saving services completely free of charge to both the State and those whose lives are saved.

Among their additional functions is keeping the Dutch coast safe and liaising with the Royal Dutch Navy to protect its territorial waters. The initiative was first proposed in 1809, when the state which became the Kingdom of the Netherlands came up with a bold proposal to provide lifeboats and the means to disperse them in case of maritime accidents, but the proposal was not fulfilled. An independent rescue organisation was not established until 1824, as a result of a rescue operation by residents of the seaside town of Den Helder. With the support from private individuals and shipping companies, the foundation for the KNRM’s formation and further success became a reality. Since its founding in 1824, the KNRM have stayed true to their three founding pillars:

1. Assistance is totally free

2. The rescue work is carried out only by volunteers

3. The KNRM is maintained by donations

It is remarkable that during the last 200 years, there has never been any reason to change these pillars of founding which has ensured that the organisation can continue their crucial and life-saving services. All KNRM rescue operations are coordinated between themselves and the coastguard centre. The KNRM also works closely with organisations such as local safety regions, ambulances, the fire brigade, police and lifeguards. In this way, rescue and assistance on the water can be further optimised. The jubilee year of the KNRM began the 11th of November 2023 and will end on the 11th of November 2024.

The KNRM 200 commemorative coins are designed by Coralie Vogelaar in collaboration with designer Hendrik-Jan Grievink whose work is shared on all options of gold and silver. On the reverse side, the sea shows herself in a much different way, as turbulent and wild waves bear the silhouette of a KNRM rescue boat with two volunteers in it. Due to the fine linear pattern depicting the sea, when the coin is tilted under an ordinary source of light, the design further emphasises the dynamics of the sea. The text KONINKLIJKE NEDERLANDSE REDDING MAATSCHAPPIJ 1824 – 2024 surrounds the primary design. The denomination of €10 (gold) or €5 (silver) is placed beneath the rescue boat. The privy mark and Dutch mintmark is shown near the right rim. The obverse side depicts an image of HM King Willem-Alexander which matches the same stylised interpretation as the reverse side. The King is shown facing right, looking out on the peaceful coastal waters of the North Sea, with his gaze fixed on the horizon. The same fine linear pattern found on the reverse is seen on the obverse and represents the sea’s calm movement. The legend WILLEM-ALEXANDER KONING DER NEDERLANDEN surrounds the king’s likeness in a semi-circle. The silver coins include the incused edge lettering * GOD * ZIJ * MET * ONS

Denomination  Metal  Weight  Diameter  Quality  Total Mintage  
5 Euro  Silver Plated   10. 5 g.  29 mm.  UNC – FDI*  tba 
5 Euro  Silver Plated  10. 5 g.  29 mm.  BU  10,000  
5 Euro  .925 Silver  15.5 g.  33 mm.  Proof  3,500 
10 Euro  .900 Gold   6.72 g.  22.5 mm.  Proof   750  

All coins are available to order from the 4th April, with dispatch commencing from the 25th April. Both the Uncirculated and Brilliant Uncirculated €5 coin are sealed in a coin-card format. The silver Proof coin is presented in a colourful folder and includes text in both Dutch and English about the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution and specifications of the coin. The €10 gold Proof quality coin is encapsulated and presented in a custom wood-branded Royal Dutch Mint case, along with a certificate of authenticity. For additional information about these coins, please visit the online webshop of the Royal Dutch Mint.

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