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New Educational Web Site for National Bank Note Plate Proofs

by CDN Publishing

Published on December 9, 2020

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"Exploring The Certified Currency Plate Proofs" is a reference work indexing the National Bank Note plate proofs at

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The National Bank Note Plate Proof archive images have been organized and indexed for publication in a new eBook Series. Reviewers are needed to give suggestions and feedback before the first full set of ebooks go live.

There are currently 333 National Bank Note plate proof titles posted at They are samples for testing containing about 20% of the images in the full set of handbooks, currently consisting of 50,945 face and back proofs, divided into 333 volumes. Their total size is 3Gb. The first full set will total 13Gb. Larger high-resolution sets are planned.

The plate proofs are indexed by state, bank charter, date period and denomination. The sequence also has 330 tables on 475 pages with over 116,500 words. We are also testing two layouts: Regional (with a Link Index PDF) and A-Z by State below that. Please let us know which you like at It’s free to join!

The current Link Index PDF is available here: Steenerson's National Bank Note Plate Proof Series - Regional Link Index

Banner ads are available and will help speed up the rollout and ensure continuous publication of this unique numismatic resource.

The free eBook downloads are intended for educational use only and to assist future researchers. It’s also free to join the Currency Proof Club. Just email Thanks!

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