Niue: New Unique Cape-Shaped Silver Coin Marks 85 Years of Batman Comics and the Cult 1960’s TV Series

The Government and Treasury of Niue have launched unique new collector coins featuring Batman, one of the most popular superheroes of 1960’s TV pop-culture.

by Michael Alexander | Published on April 16, 2024

It has been 85 years since Batman, the caped crusader debuted in American comic books published by DC Comics beginning in 1939. The character, created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger was first named the "Bat-Man," but ultimately evolved into the single word reference. The character is also referred to by such epithets as the Caped Crusader or the Dark Knight. Batman is actually the alter-ego of Bruce Wayne, a wealthy philanthropist and owner of Wayne Enterprises, his secret identity is known only to his faithful butler Alfred and since the introduction of his junior side-kick Dick Grayson otherwise known as Robin who made his debut in 1940.

After witnessing the murder of his parents, the young Bruce swears vengeance against criminals, an oath tempered by a sense of justice. Bruce Wayne trains himself physically and intellectually and crafts a bat-inspired persona to fight crime. Bruce Wayne lives in the usually orderly Gotham City and as such, Batman is always on call when the need arises. Batman protects the city with the assistance of various supporting characters, including Commissioner Jim Gordon and against calculating foes such as the Joker, the Riddler, Catwoman and of course… the Penguin! Batman keeps most of his field equipment in his utility belt and speeds through the city in the ever-present Batmobile whenever he receives the Bat signal – all from the workings in the Bat cave. However, it is his distinctive black leather cape, shaped as batwings which has brought him the most notoriety in terms of appearance.

The characters were all brought to life on American Television when the series premiered in January 1966 on the ABC network. Often described as somewhat overdone in terms of the overabundance of dry humour, the show became a pop culture phenomenon which due to syndication is most likely still being broadcast somewhere in the world. The series included 120 episodes filmed over a three year period and it is perhaps the theme most of all which is fondly remembered by fans of the show.

The 2024-dated tinted Bat-cape shaped silver coins are produced by the New Zealand Mint at their facilities in Auckland on behalf of the Treasury of Niue. The obverse side faithfully replicates both the shape of and logo of Batman’s cape shown during the opening credits of the television show – right down to the stylised lettering and masked face of the cape crusader. The reverse or national side features the Public Seal of Niue along with the denomination TWO DOLLARS placed above the crest and the year of release, 2024 shown just below. The specifications of the coin 1oz 999 fine silver are shown along the edge and to the right of the seal.

Denomination  Metal  Weight  DimensionsQuality  Mintage Limit  
Two Dollars  .9999 Silver  31.1 g.  53 mm. / 32 mm.BU Oxidised  1,939 

Each coin is encapsulated in a perfectly shaped Lucite capsule and presented in a custom case with magnetic closure accompanied with a numbered certificate of authenticity. For additional information about this coin and others issued by the Treasury of Niue, please visit the on-line e-webshop of the New Zealand Mint.

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Author: Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander image Michael’s background in both numismatics and banknotes spans more than three decades and whose activities have varied from being a dedicated world coin collector to coin & medal design, marketing, theme concept and production. His additional interests include banknote research and in 1997, he founded the London Banknote and Monetary Research Centre to further these interests and activities. The company continues to offer monthly currency bulletins to both online and printed publications which includes information about the latest banknote news and releases from Central Banks and Monetary Authorities around the world. Michael has been a contributor to COIN NEWS magazine based in the UK since 1998 where many of his in-depth interviews, articles and bulletins have been published.

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