PRESS RELEASE: U.S. Half Dollars Featured in New Whitman Publishing Search & Save Book/Album

by CDN Publishing | Published on January 16, 2018

(Pelham, Alabama) — The sixth volume in Whitman Publishing’s library of collector book-albums is Search & Save: Half Dollars, available now for $9.95 retail from booksellers and hobby shops nationwide, and online (including at

The Search & Save volumes are intended as a guided, hands-on way to get beginning and intermediate collectors involved in active coin collecting by denomination and type. The first five Search & Save books covered Lincoln cents, nickels, State quarters, America the Beautiful quarters, and dimes and quarters. Half Dollars consists of a 96-page hardcover book bound with a Whitman Classic® Coin Album page for storing and displaying a customized coin collection of U.S. 50-cent pieces dating from the 1800s to today.

Search & Save: Half Dollars offers a colorful exploration of American commerce and coinage from the colonial era to the start of the Philadelphia Mint in 1792. Subsequent chapters cover Capped Bust, Liberty Seated, and Barber half dollars (spanning from 1807 to 1915), Liberty Walking half dollars, Franklin half dollars, and Kennedy half dollars. A special chapter explores the field of U.S. commemorative half dollars from 1892 to date, and a final chapter tells how to collect each coin type. The book’s album page allows the collector to display 12 coins of different types and varieties, ranging from Capped Bust half dollars of the early 1800s to today’s Kennedys, plus three of their favorite commemorative half dollars.

The rigid coin-album page has protective plastic slides that are inserted on each side of the page’s openings, holding each coin firmly in place while allowing its obverse and reverse to be displayed.

Many Search & Save coins can be collected from circulation. Others, such as half dollars, require some hunting at local banks and coin shops, online, or at a coin show. The Half Dollars album page starts with relatively common and easily collectible coins beginning with the Capped Bust type of the early 1800s.

Readers of our Search & Save books learn about each coin in the context of American and world history, and enjoy the fun and pride of building their own valuable collections,” said Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker. “The books encourage readers to explore beyond their pocket change, to build relationships with coin dealers and go to coin shows. When they’re done they not only have a personalized coin collection, but they can tell each coin’s story and share them with their friends and family. And, we hope, they will think of themselves as active and accomplished hobbyists.”

Because Whitman Publishing is the Official Supplier of the American Numismatic Association, ANA members receive 10% off the Search & Save books when purchasing directly.



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Search & Save: Half Dollars

ISBN 0794844693

5.75 x 8.75 inches, hardcover, 96 pages plus an album page, full color   ·   Retail $9.95 U.S.








Dennis Tucker, Publisher
Whitman Publishing, LLC

Atlanta, Georgia
Alabama office:

1974 Chandalar Drive, Suite D

Pelham AL 35124

Phone: 404-235-5348
Fax: 205-624-4755

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