QUARTERLY REVIEW: Pogue Elevates Early Gold Prices; Over 1,600 Price Changes this Quarter

by CDN Publishing | Published on March 8, 2016

This edition of the Quarterly III publication represents a complete review of nearly every series we cover in these pages. In some cases, this updated analysis has been a long time coming. The Pogue Collection has been an incredible opportunity to review early half eagles. Many of these coins trade so infrequently, one is fortunate to see them in auction once a decade. Thanks to the Stack’s-Bowers sale of the Pogue Collection, we’re able to analyze a date run of the great rarities, in top grades. Future offerings of the Pogue collection will include the highly-anticipated 1822 half eagle — a unique coin that is considered one of the holy grails of American numismatics.

All told, we are reporting an astounding 1,663 price changes in this issue of Quarterly III. Some of these are due to gold spot metal prices improving (nearly $100!) since the last edition, however many more are due to detailed analysis of the current market.

We have taken an exhaustive review of the no motto half eagles in this edition, and our readers will note many price changes as we bring our figures in line with current data points for this series. The same has been done with early eagles, dated 1796-1804 and
proof $20 gold.

Much has been written over the past few months regarding declining values in the rare coin market. Ironically, our analysis of $5-$20 gold coinage reveals something different. Generally speaking, the values of these coins have held up quite nicely in this “bear” market. Certainly some recent auction records have disappointed, and failed to break all-time records. That said, most of the declines for type 3 double eagles we reported in the December 2015 have been replaced with plus (+) signs in this issue. It seems we have struck a nerve with some active market makers who are promising to come through with active bids on CoinPlex in the coming weeks. If you buy and sell any of the coins on these pages we highly encourage you to join CoinPlex and place your bids so we can reflect them in future publications.

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