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Series Overview: Capped Bust Quarters

In 1815, the Capped Bust motif was introduced, and while this subtype is far more common today than its Draped Bust predecessor, these latter Bust quarters are nevertheless still numismatically scarce. The Capped Bust design, originally by John Reich, lasted until 1838. However, changes came in 1831 when the quarter was physically made smaller, with a reduced diameter ? 24.3 millimeters versus 27 millimeters ? and a modified bust by William Kneass took the obverse.

Generally, the large-size Capped Bust quarters are all of roughly equal availability and price, with a few exceptions, most notable of these being the incredibly rare 1823 3 Over 2 overdate. Other rare varieties include the 1822 25 Over 50 C., 1824 4 Over 2, and 1828 25 Over 50 C. The reduced-diameter Capped Bust quarters have no significantly scarce issues or varieties.

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