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About Quarters

Authorized in 1792, this denomination was not issued until 1796. The first coinage follows the design of the early half dimes and dimes by the absence of a mark of value. In 1804 the value "25 C." was added to the reverse. Figures were used until 1838, when the term QUAR. DOL. appeared. In 1892 the value was spelled out entirely. The first type weighed 104 grains, which remained standard until modified to 103-1/8 grains by the Act of January 18, 1837. As with the dime and half dime, the weight was reduced and arrows placed at the date in 1853. Rays were placed in the field of the reverse during that year only. The law of 1873 slightly increased the weight, and arrows were again placed at the date. Proofs of some dates prior to 1856 are known to exist, and all are rare. Quarters, or 25-cent coins, are still minted and heavily circulated to this day.

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