How much are my U.S. 50 Statehood Quarters worth?

About 50 Statehood Quarters

In 1999, the United States Mint embarked on the ambitious 50 State Quarters initiative. These coins, also colloquially known as Statehood quarters, honor each of the 50 states in the order they were admitted to the Union, beginning with Delaware and ending with Hawaii at the rate of five designs per year. In 2009, the program was extended to include six more issues honoring Washington, D.C. Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Northern Marianna Islands.

The series was one of the most popular coin programs the United States Mint ever launched, with mint officials at one time in the early 2000s declaring that 100 million people ? a third of the U.S. population at that time ? were collecting 50 State Quarters. Hundreds of millions of each Statehood quarter design were struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, and the coins reached virtually all who wanted them. The series was heavily marketed by the US Mint as well as private companies, many of which sold colorized versions of the coins.

Many new collectors and non-numismatists believe 50 State Quarters are rare and valuable, but the reality is few are worth more than face value in circulated condition unless they exhibit errors or varieties. The 2004-D Wisconsin Extra Low Leaf variety and 2005 Minnesota Extra Tree doubled die varieties not only received good press but are also worth premiums in circulated and uncirculated grades.

U.S. Coin Values

1999-P Delaware

Mintage: 373,400,000

sample image for 1999-P Delaware

U.S. Coin Values

1999-D Delaware

Mintage: 401,424,000

sample image for 1999-D Delaware

U.S. Coin Values

1999-P Pennsylvania

Mintage: 349,000,000

sample image for 1999-P Pennsylvania

U.S. Coin Values

1999-D Pennsylvania

Mintage: 358,332,000

sample image for 1999-D Pennsylvania

U.S. Coin Values

1999-P New Jersey

Mintage: 363,200,000

sample image for 1999-P New Jersey

U.S. Coin Values

1999-D New Jersey

Mintage: 299,028,000

sample image for 1999-D New Jersey

U.S. Coin Values

1999-P Georgia

Mintage: 451,188,000

sample image for 1999-P Georgia

U.S. Coin Values

1999-D Georgia

Mintage: 488,744,000

sample image for 1999-D Georgia

U.S. Coin Values

1999-P Connecticut

Mintage: 688,744,000

sample image for 1999-P Connecticut

U.S. Coin Values

1999-D Connecticut

Mintage: 657,880,000

sample image for 1999-D Connecticut

U.S. Coin Values

2000-P Massachusetts

Mintage: 628,600,000

sample image for 2000-P Massachusetts

U.S. Coin Values

2000-D Massachusetts

Mintage: 535,184,000

sample image for 2000-D Massachusetts

U.S. Coin Values

2000-P Maryland

Mintage: 678,200,000

sample image for 2000-P Maryland

U.S. Coin Values

2000-D Maryland

Mintage: 556,532,000

sample image for 2000-D Maryland

U.S. Coin Values

2000-P South Carolina

Mintage: 742,576,000

sample image for 2000-P South Carolina

U.S. Coin Values

2000-D South Carolina

Mintage: 566,208,000

sample image for 2000-D South Carolina

U.S. Coin Values

2000-P New Hampshire

Mintage: 673,040,000

sample image for 2000-P New Hampshire

U.S. Coin Values

2000-D New Hampshire

Mintage: 495,976,000

sample image for 2000-D New Hampshire

U.S. Coin Values

2000-P Virginia

Mintage: 943,000,000

sample image for 2000-P Virginia

U.S. Coin Values

2000-D Virginia

Mintage: 651,616,000

sample image for 2000-D Virginia

U.S. Coin Values

2001-P New York

Mintage: 655,400,000

sample image for 2001-P New York

U.S. Coin Values

2001-D New York

Mintage: 619,640,000

sample image for 2001-D New York

U.S. Coin Values

2001-P North Carolina

Mintage: 627,600,000

sample image for 2001-P North Carolina

U.S. Coin Values

2001-D North Carolina

Mintage: 427,876,000

sample image for 2001-D North Carolina

U.S. Coin Values

2001-P Rhode Island

Mintage: 423,000,000

sample image for 2001-P Rhode Island

U.S. Coin Values

2001-D Rhode Island

Mintage: 447,100,000

sample image for 2001-D Rhode Island

U.S. Coin Values

2001-P Vermont

Mintage: 423,400,000

sample image for 2001-P Vermont

U.S. Coin Values

2001-D Vermont

Mintage: 459,404,000

sample image for 2001-D Vermont

U.S. Coin Values

2001-P Kentucky

Mintage: 353,000,000

sample image for 2001-P Kentucky

U.S. Coin Values

2001-D Kentucky

Mintage: 370,564,000

sample image for 2001-D Kentucky

U.S. Coin Values

2002-D Tennessee

Mintage: 361,600,000

sample image for 2002-D Tennessee

U.S. Coin Values

2002-P Tennessee

Mintage: 286,468,000

sample image for 2002-P Tennessee

U.S. Coin Values

2002-P Ohio

Mintage: 217,200,000

sample image for 2002-P Ohio

U.S. Coin Values

2002-D Ohio

Mintage: 414,832,000

sample image for 2002-D Ohio

U.S. Coin Values

2002-P Louisiana

Mintage: 362,000,000

sample image for 2002-P Louisiana

U.S. Coin Values

2002-D Louisiana

Mintage: 402,204,000

sample image for 2002-D Louisiana

U.S. Coin Values

2002-P Indiana

Mintage: 362,600,000

sample image for 2002-P Indiana

U.S. Coin Values

2002-D Indiana

Mintage: 327,200,000

sample image for 2002-D Indiana

U.S. Coin Values

2002-P Mississippi

Mintage: 290,000,000

sample image for 2002-P Mississippi

U.S. Coin Values

2002-D Mississippi

Mintage: 289,600,000

sample image for 2002-D Mississippi

U.S. Coin Values

2003-P Illinois

Mintage: 225,800,000

sample image for 2003-P Illinois

U.S. Coin Values

2003-D Illinois

Mintage: 237,400,000

sample image for 2003-D Illinois

U.S. Coin Values

2003-P Alabama

Mintage: 225,000,000

sample image for 2003-P Alabama

U.S. Coin Values

2003-D Alabama

Mintage: 232,400,000

sample image for 2003-D Alabama

U.S. Coin Values

2003-P Maine

Mintage: 217,400,000

sample image for 2003-P Maine

U.S. Coin Values

2003-D Maine

Mintage: 231,400,000

sample image for 2003-D Maine

U.S. Coin Values

2003-P Missouri

Mintage: 225,000,000

sample image for 2003-P Missouri

U.S. Coin Values

2003-D Missouri

Mintage: 228,200,000

sample image for 2003-D Missouri

U.S. Coin Values

2003-P Arkansas

Mintage: 228,000,000

sample image for 2003-P Arkansas

U.S. Coin Values

2003-D Arkansas

Mintage: 229,800,000

sample image for 2003-D Arkansas

U.S. Coin Values

2004-P Michigan

Mintage: 233,800,000

sample image for 2004-P Michigan

U.S. Coin Values

2004-D Michigan

Mintage: 225,800,000

sample image for 2004-D Michigan

U.S. Coin Values

2004-P Florida

Mintage: 240,200,000

sample image for 2004-P Florida

U.S. Coin Values

2004-D Florida

Mintage: 241,600,000

sample image for 2004-D Florida

U.S. Coin Values

2004-P Texas

Mintage: 278,800,000

sample image for 2004-P Texas

U.S. Coin Values

2004-D Texas

Mintage: 263,000,000

sample image for 2004-D Texas

U.S. Coin Values

2004-P Iowa

Mintage: 213,800,000

sample image for 2004-P Iowa

U.S. Coin Values

2004-D Iowa

Mintage: 251,400,000

sample image for 2004-D Iowa

U.S. Coin Values

2004-P Wisconsin

Mintage: 226,400,000

sample image for 2004-P Wisconsin

U.S. Coin Values

2004-D Wisconsin

Mintage: 226,800,000

sample image for 2004-D Wisconsin

U.S. Coin Values

2005-P California

Mintage: 257,200,000

sample image for 2005-P California

U.S. Coin Values

2005-D California

Mintage: 263,200,000

sample image for 2005-D California

U.S. Coin Values

2005-P Minnesota

Mintage: 239,600,000

sample image for 2005-P Minnesota

U.S. Coin Values

2005-D Minnesota

Mintage: 248,400,000

sample image for 2005-D Minnesota

U.S. Coin Values

2005-P Oregon

Mintage: 316,200,000

sample image for 2005-P Oregon

U.S. Coin Values

2005-D Oregon

Mintage: 404,000,000

sample image for 2005-D Oregon

U.S. Coin Values

2005-P Kansas

Mintage: 263,400,000

sample image for 2005-P Kansas

U.S. Coin Values

2005-D Kansas

Mintage: 300,000,000

sample image for 2005-D Kansas

U.S. Coin Values

2005-P West Virginia

Mintage: 365,400,000

sample image for 2005-P West Virginia

U.S. Coin Values

2005-D West Virginia

Mintage: 356,200,000

sample image for 2005-D West Virginia

U.S. Coin Values

2006-P Nevada

Mintage: 277,000,000

U.S. Coin Values

2006-D Nevada

Mintage: 277,000,000

sample image for 2006-D Nevada

U.S. Coin Values

2006-P Nebraska

Mintage: 318,000,000

sample image for 2006-P Nebraska

U.S. Coin Values

2006-D Nebraska

Mintage: 273,000,000

U.S. Coin Values

2006-P Colorado

Mintage: 274,800,000

sample image for 2006-P Colorado

U.S. Coin Values

2006-D Colorado

Mintage: 294,200,000

U.S. Coin Values

2006-P North Dakota

Mintage: 305,800,000

sample image for 2006-P North Dakota

U.S. Coin Values

2006-D North Dakota

Mintage: 359,000,000

sample image for 2006-D North Dakota

U.S. Coin Values

2006-P South Dakota

Mintage: 245,000,000

sample image for 2006-P South Dakota

U.S. Coin Values

2006-D South Dakota

Mintage: 265,800,000

sample image for 2006-D South Dakota

U.S. Coin Values

2007-P Montana

Mintage: 257,000,000

sample image for 2007-P Montana

U.S. Coin Values

2007-D Montana

Mintage: 256,240,000

sample image for 2007-D Montana

U.S. Coin Values

2007-P Washington

Mintage: 280,000,000

U.S. Coin Values

2007-D Washington

Mintage: 280,000,000

sample image for 2007-D Washington

U.S. Coin Values

2007-P Idaho

Mintage: 286,800,000

sample image for 2007-P Idaho

U.S. Coin Values

2007-D Idaho

Mintage: 286,800,000

sample image for 2007-D Idaho

U.S. Coin Values

2007-P Wyoming

Mintage: 243,600,000

sample image for 2007-P Wyoming

U.S. Coin Values

2007-D Wyoming

Mintage: 320,800,000

sample image for 2007-D Wyoming

U.S. Coin Values

2007-P Utah

Mintage: 255,000,000

sample image for 2007-P Utah

U.S. Coin Values

2007-D Utah

Mintage: 253,200,000

sample image for 2007-D Utah

U.S. Coin Values

2008-P Oklahoma

Mintage: 222,000,000

U.S. Coin Values

2008-D Oklahoma

Mintage: 194,600,000

sample image for 2008-D Oklahoma

U.S. Coin Values

2008-D New Mexico

Mintage: 244,400,000

U.S. Coin Values

2008-D Arizona

Mintage: 265,000,000

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