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The Federated Autonomous Government of the Mongol Borderland began with a series of military actions starting in 1933 carried out jointly by the armies of Japan and Manchukuo. By 1936, territory had been carved out of what is now the province of Inner Mongolia, as well as some adjoining territory, and had come under Japanese authority. The territory controlled by the Japanese expanded and contracted, while the names given to the political entities changed quickly, and often, beginning with the Mongol Military Government, through the Mongol United Autonomous Government, to the Federated Autonomous Government of the Mongol Borderland by 1939. Although the latter is used in this catalog, be aware that there exist alternative English translations, some employing the Chinese word Mengjiang (or Mengkiang) in place of Mongol Borderland. The capital was at Kalgan (now Zhangjiakou). The Chanan Bank (CNB) was established in September 1937 after the main regional bank, the Charhar Commercial Bank (B47001), fled the provincial capital Zhangjiakou with its funds and unissued currency. None of the Chanan Bank notes has an English translation of the bank name, derived from the first character of Chahar (察哈爾), a former province in what is now eastern Inner Mongolia, followed by nan (南), south. In December 1937 note issuance in the region was taken over by the Mengjiang Bank (B5301-).

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1 yuan
(B5201a, PJ118)

Worth: $400 - $1,200
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10 yuan
(B5202a, PJ119)

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