Series notes: Barber Halves (Proof)

Proof Barber half dollars (or Liberty Head half dollars) were struck at the Philadelphia Mint for the duration of the series, which spanned from 1892 through 1915. Proof Barber half dollars are popular collectibles, especially among those who those who enjoy 19th-century type coins.

Except for the first-year issue, which saw a mintage of 1,245 pieces, all proof Barber half dollars were minted in quantities smaller than 1,000 pieces, and many saw production figures of less than 700. However, in many cases one can obtain a proof Barber half dollar for about as much as or less money than a similar-graded Mint State example of the same issue. This underscores the scarceness of the business-strike Barber half dollars in uncirculated condition.

Notably, there are no particularly scarce proof Barber half dollars, at least in terms of one being much scarcer than another, grade-for-grade. However, pieces with cameo or deep cameo devices are highly scarce and desirable and virtually always command premiums above bid, ask, or retail prices for ?typical? proof Barber halves.

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