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November 27, 2020


Vital rare coin & paper money industry updates


CDN Publishing · Jan 28, 2016

POGUE, PART III ON DECK The third installment of the famous Pogue collection is slated for auction at Sotheby’s in New York City on February 9. Catalogued and sol

The third installment of the famous Pogue collection is slated for auction at Sotheby’s in
New York City on February 9. Catalogued and sold by Stack’s-Bowers Galleries, this portion of the collection features 158 coins, including: half cents (1793-1797); large cents (1793 only); capped bust dimes (1814-1837); capped bust half dollars (1823-1836); an amazing set of $3 gold coins; and capped bust half eagles (1807-1820). As with the other parts of this collection, nearly every coin in this collection is special and your CDN editor finds himself drooling over the catalog.

From a market-pricing perspective, we expect that many of the coins in this sale will establish new, higher market values for their particular issue, and this is something we are keen to note for upcoming editions of our newsletter. For example, the next Quarterly II edition of the Greysheet comes out in February prior to this sale, but many rare $3 gold coins will test our pricing levels and give us new data points to review. Dealers and advanced collectors should view the Pogue collection as an extremely rare opportunity to obtain coins that, in some cases, have not been on market for decades.

Late last year NGC introduced new, largesize labels for select series of coins. These labels allowed NGC to significantly increase the font size, making it easier to read the coin’s description and grade. The new size has also given NGC more space to create attractive designs to commemorate different coin series, such as American Silver Eagles and Chinese Panda coins.
NGC certification labels feature a number of advanced security features including holographic foil, UV ink and microprinting. Like the NGC holder, NGC labels are completely inert and designed for long-term preservation and protection. After the limited release of the new label last year, NGC has expanded the use of these labels to virtually all regular (non-bulk) and on-site submissions of US, world and ancient coins. ReHolder submissions will also receive the new large-size labels. No special request or additional fee is required; these labels will be used by default for regular and on-site submissions.
Presidential Dollars, First Spouse $10 coins and America the Beautiful Quarters will continue to use the small series-specific labels for continuity purposes until these series are complete. In addition, Silver, Gold and Platinum Eagles, Gold Buffaloes, Silver Pandas and Susan B. Anthony Dollars will continue to receive the small size brown label by default.


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