This new guide book covers all China banknotes issued since 1949 and is the first of its kind in the English language.

by CDN Publishing l Published on April 8, 2020

A sample page from the "Chinese Paper: 1949 to Present" reference guide by CDN Editor, Patrick Ian Perez.

Virginia Beach, Virginia - Chinese paper money, in particular the banknotes issued by the People’s Bank of China beginning in 1949, have been among the fastest growing and most popular areas of collectible world paper money.

With this all-new reference book and price guide, collectors will be able to quickly and correctly identify these notes and their values. For the first time ever, this book publishes prices in seven different grade levels for each note, including three levels of Uncirculated as assigned by third-party grading services. Third-party grading, also known as certification, has created substantial values for notes that achieve the highest grades. Traditional world paper money guides only price notes in a single Uncirculated grade, which is less relevant in today’s market.

Also included is a special section on counterfeits, written by Joseph E. Boling, one of the world’s leading experts on authentication of collectible paper money. Fakes have become very deceptive as notes have increased substantially in value, and being aware of the techniques counterfeiters use is important.

The book is available as a PDF e-book at and as a Kindle Edition on Amazon at Order yours today!

A Special Note About this Publication

This reference is the first in a series of publications published under the CDN Publishing imprint. Purchases of the book entitle the buyer access to unlimited updates for one year from the time of purchase, which will be made as new information is presented. Purchasing the book equivalent to a one-year subscription which entitles the subscriber to:  

  • Online pricing of Chinese Paper Money on the web site (link to pricing
  • The book will be updated regularly and any purchase covers all updates for one year.

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