QUARTERLY REVIEW: Liberty Seated Series Analysis Now Complete

BY JOHN FEIGENBAUM, PUBLISHER & PATRICK IAN PEREZ, EDITOR This July 2016 edition of the Quarterly I publication completes our review of the entire Liberty series fr

by CDN Publishing l Published on June 30, 2016


This July 2016 edition of the Quarterly I publication completes our review of the entire Liberty series from half dimes through silver dollars. Since taking over as new publishers at CDN last August we were faced with the monumental task of reviewing tens of thousands of prices in series that had long been neglected on these pages and other publications. This is true no longer! The pricing on these pages is the most accurate it has ever been and priced from market data, anecdotal data and decades of experience in these difficult U.S. coin series. We are extremely proud of this effort and we look forward to future editions where we plan to expand into higher grades like MS66 and MS67 that have become increasingly relevant to collectors over the past few decades.

We continue to expand the Colonial coin listings with each issue – this month adding the popular Continental dollars, Nova Constellatio and Massachusetts issues. We’ve added a dozen important Bust dime issues as well as the 1859 Transitional Seated dime featuring the stars obverse and wreath reverse. This so-called “coin without a country” is lacking the words “United States of America” on either side. While it’s technically a pattern coin issued for VIP review, serious collectors of the Seated dime series typically include this issue on their want list. The same can be said for the 1829 “curl base 2” variety of Bust dime. This variety is the key date set-stopper in the shortlived series of reduced-diameter dimes of 1828-1837. The variety is so rare that it is virtually unknown above VF.

Given the thousands of pricing changes to these pages over the past few months we fully expect to get some feedback, and we look forward to it. Please share your thoughts via email to editor@greysheet.com. You can expect a quick and thoughtful response. If we have made an error (yes, we are human) or missed pricing data, we will be quick to fix it. Thanks again for your support!

Table 1. New listings in this edition of Quarterly I
Colonial Coinage
1776 Continental Dollar, CURENCY
1776 Continental Dollar, CURRENCY
1776 Cont. Dollar, CURRENCY, EG FECIT
1783 Nova Constellatio, Blunt Rays
1783 Nova Constellatio, Pointed Rays
1785 Nova Constellatio, Blunt Rays
1785 Nova Constellatio, Pointed Rays
1787-88 Massachusetts Half Cent
1787-88 Massachusetts Cent
1788 Massachusetts Cent, No Period
Half Cent
1849 Restrike, Small Date
Early Dimes
1804 14 Star Rev.
1805 5 Berries
1823/2 Large E’s
1829 Medium 10c
1829 Large 10c
1829 Curl Base 2
1830 Medium 10c
1830 Small 10c
1833 Last 3 High
1834 Large 4
Seated Dimes
1859 Transitional
1873 Doubled Die Obverse

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